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Mar 10 2020, 10:55 AM Aurora - Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer
Hello, friends! You are probably already bored with free cheats on CS:GO with Legit functionality, but do not rush to close the page. We are ready to provide you with another very interesting hack on CS:GO Aurora Legit with such bright features as: Legit AA / Anti kick / Inventory changer, etc. This cheat is not like any other free hack, firstly this software when it was private, which means it is well protected and updated, and secondly it is not a crack version, which means that all the functions are working and nothing is cut out, which will give you the opportunity to try out all the private functionality of this wonderful Legit hack called Aurora.

1. Download the dll file, first completely disable antivirus
and any programs that protect your computer or browser. Put this in the game launch options "-disable_d3d9ex". This procedure is mandatory for the cheat.
2. Navigate to the root folder of steam by right-clicking on the program icon and clicking on the file location to locate the crashhandler file.dll , rename it, move to the folder downloaded DLL cheat, run CS:GO. Ready! Each time you start the game, the cheat will open. To disable the cheat replace crashhandler.dll on previously renamed by you.
Mar 10 2020, 10:49 AM Xantap - Aimbot, Anti-Aim, Visuals, Misc
A good cheat on CS:GO Xantap-Aimbot, Anti-Aim, Visuals, Misc which is suitable for many of our users. Cheat working and free, you can easily download it from our site. This hack was built on the basis of the popular hvh hack 1tapgang, which means with the hack Xantap you can play not only in the classic game modes CS: GO, but also on HVH arenas (servers). The functionality here is the most standard, but all functions have been tested and the probability that any of the functions does not work is extremely small. There are 4 tabs - this Aimbot (setting shooting for your weapon, with the ability to add functions), Anti-Aim (protection from other cheaters who use Aimbot), Visuals (beautiful visual effects to display players for textures, standard ESP, Wallhack, Chams), Misc (various additional tools (functions) for example as BunnyHop. The menu is very compact and legible, will understand both a knowledgeable cheater and a beginner. To run the hack you will need any working injector, injector you can find here in this category.

1tapgang open source code was used
The menu opens with the - INSERT key
Use the hack at your own risk
Miguel Alonso