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8 Halo Infinite multiplayer beta opens its second week to all Xbox players Diablo2 years ago
9 Halo Infinite Season 1 Microtransactions Calculated To Be Over $1000 Diablo2 years ago
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11 Halo Infinite’s February multiplayer event seemingly leaks Diablo2 years ago
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16 Halo Infinite increases XP payouts Diablo2 years ago
17 Halo Infinite’s campaign launch trailer has been released Diablo2 years ago
18 This Week In Halo Infinite: More Battle Pass Changes, Hackers Diablo2 years ago
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20 Halo Infinite dev warns not to use Quick Resume while playing the campaign Diablo2 years ago
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22 Halo Infinite biggest launch poisoNjust now
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26 Halo Infinite Forge mode poisoNa year ago
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28 Halo Infinite campaign delayed poisoN15 years ago
29 Halo Infinite multiplayer lead has left poisoNa year ago
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