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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta arrives next month

Posted by SlayeR 3 months ago, 87 views Upcoming Games  
The beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will arrive next month, with PlayStation players getting access first, followed by those on Xbox and PC. Infinity Ward shared the news at the CDL Champs (C...

Harry Potter prequel game is delayed

Posted by SlayeR 3 months ago, 83 views Upcoming Games  
Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter prequel game, has been delayed a second time according to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.


Diablo Immortal is launching on Android, iOS, and PC

Posted by poisoN 7 months ago, 172 views Upcoming Games  
We already knew Blizzard is working on a new entry in the Diablo series that is designed for mobile devices. And today, timed to coincide with Activision Blizzard’s Q1 2022 earnings report, the comp...

Alaskan Truck Simulator - New trailer

Posted by poisoN 8 months ago, 226 views Upcoming Games  
Think Gran Turismo 7 is playing it safe? Bored of Forza Horizon 5's Mexican sunshine? Then you have to check out Alaskan Truck Simulator, a chance to take the wheel of massive motor vehicles in brutal...

Overwatch 2 beta release date

Posted by poisoN 8 months ago, 143 views Upcoming Games  
The Overwatch 2 beta has a solid release date, as confirmed during a developer livestream on Twitch.

The highly anticipated beta will release on April 26 for PC players only, though Blizzar...

Overwatch 2 is starting testing soon

Posted by poisoN 8 months ago, 161 views Upcoming Games  
Overwatch was once the hot new brand in gaming. In the past couple of years, the property has gone cold while updates slowed for the original game and development on the sequel lagged.


Ubisoft is seeking testers for Skull & Bones

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 150 views Upcoming Games  
Following multiple delays, Ubisoft Singapore is seeking testers for its pirate adventure Skull & Bones.

“We are kicking off our Insider Program, a unique opportunity for a selected fe...

Forspoken delayed to October 2022

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 173 views Upcoming Games  
Luminous Productions announced today that it is delaying its upcoming game, Forspoken (formerly known as “Project Athia”). It has pushed the game from its original May release date to October 11, ...

Gotham Knights playtest up on Steam

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 137 views Upcoming Games  
Details of an unannounced playtest for Gotham Knights have popped up on Steam.

While we've yet to have a confirmed release date for the highly-anticipated superhero game - or confirmati...

Pokemon Scarlet / Violet

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 228 views Upcoming Games  
Given that Pokemon Legends Arceus only just released, many of us weren’t expecting to see another major Pokemon game for the Switch in 2022. As it turns out though, Game Freak has been working on a ...

Gran Turismo 7 pre-orders

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 165 views Upcoming Games  
Amazon US has seemingly started shipping Gran Turismo 7 ahead of its street date – although its "always online" connection means few players will get much of a head start on the racer.

Horizon Forbidden West was delayed

Posted by poisoN 9 months ago, 149 views Upcoming Games  
Many industries suffer through crunch – periods of intense workloads which could sometimes see developers working far longer than is healthy in order to meet a deadline (or in a video game’s case,...
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