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The 2022 Steam Summer Sale

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1151 views Steam  
Another year, another massive Steam Summer Sale. Dubbed “Steam 3000,” this year’s sale is now live and ends on July 7 at 1 p.m. ET.

The sale prices range from high to low, offering pl...

Steam Next Fest kicks off in June

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1435 views Steam  
Valve’s next Steam Next Fest, an event where players will be able to try out demos of upcoming PC games right from Steam, will take place from June 13th through June 20th, the company has announced....

Steam on Chromebooks

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1037 views Steam  
Google announced that some ChromeOS users would finally be able to start testing Steam during its Google for Games Developer Summit but later revised that message to say that the alpha would be “com...

Microsoft bring PC Game Pass to Steam

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 879 views Steam  
Valve CEO Gabe Newell is open to Microsoft launching its PC Game Pass service on Steam. In an interview with PC Gamer, Newell says Valve has no plans for an Xbox Game Pass competitor, but that it woul...

Valve dropped Bitcoin from Steam

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 509 views Steam  
Back in April 2016, Valve began accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment on the Steam Store, allowing those with cryptocurrency to purchase games. Valve eventually removed support for cryptocurrency in ...

Bring PC Game Pass to Steam

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1101 views Steam  
Gabe Newell, head of Valve, has confirmed that there are currently no plans for the company to introduce a game subscription service, like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass or EA's EA Play.

Tesla cars can be Steam compatible

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 592 views Steam  
Teslas may see Steam compatibility on their gaming dashboards in the future, if a tweet from the company's founder, Elon Musk, is to be believed.

New-model Teslas come equipped with AMD...

Steam Is Scrapping 95% Off Sales

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 839 views Steam  
An upcoming Steam update, which will change several game discount rules, will remove sales lower than 10% and higher than 90%. The highly-successful digital distribution platform, created by video gam...

Bethesda moving to Steam

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1005 views Steam  
Bethesda has announced plans to close its PC games launcher and move its titles to Steam.

Starting in early April, players will be able to migrate their games and wallet to a Steam account,...

Lost Ark Shatters CS:GO And Dota 2 Steam Records

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1053 views Steam  
Lost Ark is a great game, but it's also suffering greatly from its own success. Ignoring the four-hour delay due to "unforeseen technical issues," Lost Ark's servers were immediately...

Steam Hits 29 Million Concurrent User Peak

Posted by Diablo 2 years ago, 1193 views Steam  
Groundhog Day has come early it seems. It's not even the end of January and we're once again reporting on Steam breaking its record for concurrent users.

Steam started the year with...

Steam Has Reportedly Been Banned In China

Posted by Diablo 3 years ago, 1089 views Steam  
Players in China are reporting that the Steam storefront and all of the Steam community pages have been blacklisted, meaning they are no longer accessible in the country. Back in February, Steam China...
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