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Diablo IV is coming to Steam

Posted by SlayeR 9 months ago, 742 views Software  
Diablo IV, one of the biggest games of the year, is coming to Steam on October 17th. The news comes via video game news and deals account Wario64, who spied a listing for the hellish RPG on Steam.

Nvidia is raising the price of GeForce Now

Posted by SlayeR 9 months ago, 525 views Software  
Enjoying Starfield on GeForce Now, where the cloud gaming service is one of the best ways to play? Starting November 1st, it’ll cost you $6 more in Canada, £2 more in the UK, or an additional ...

Microsoft rides the cloud

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1338 views Software  
Microsoft’s third quarter 2022 financial results are here, and the company’s posting double-digit growth yet again: revenue of $49.4 billion and net income of $16.7 billion. Revenue is u...

Nvidia GeForce Now 4K streaming

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 879 views Software  
Nvidia kicked Google’s butt last October with a huge upgrade to its GeForce Now cloud gaming service — but only those with the company’s Shield TV streaming gadgets could experience the pricey R...

Amazon Luna launches for anyone in the US

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 576 views Software  
Amazon Luna — the company’s cloud-based game streaming service — is officially launching in the US today for anyone to use, in addition to adding a variety of new features, including free games ...

Xbox Game Pass PC app update

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1199 views Software  
In late 2021, Microsoft announced some major improvements coming to the Xbox Game Pass app on PC. The update will finally give users more control over their game installs and files, as well as increas...

Amazon’s cloud gaming service

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1102 views Software  
Amazon has been working on its own game streaming service, Luna, for years now. So far, the service has only been available in trial form and in limited territories. That changes today, however, with ...

New DX12 Ultimate benchmark

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 807 views Software  
3DMark, the developer behind Fire Strike, Time Spy and Port Royal, has announced a new benchmark called Speed Way. This new benchmark is being developed in partnership with Lenovo and will focus on th...

Windows 12 rumours surface

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 875 views Software  
Windows 10 was meant to be our lot. Then Windows 11 stormed in, arms flailing. And just when we thought Microsoft was through churning out new operating systems, rumours have surfaced that a Windows 1...

PlayStation and Discord features

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 819 views Software  
PlayStation Discord integration is going live in the US now, and you may be able to link up your accounts now if you're in one of the early waves.

The new integration, which was announc...

Google launches beta of Android games on Windows PCs

Posted by Diablo 3 years ago, 1235 views Software  
Google is launching a limited beta of its app to bring Android games to Windows PCs. Google Play Games will be available in beta in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan today, allowing Windows PC owners...

Epic Games Store gets a cart feature

Posted by Diablo 3 years ago, 1110 views Software  
The Epic Games Store has spent many years now trying to compete with Steam and gain a foothold in the PC market. Unfortunately, the Epic Games Store lacks many basic features found within digital stor...
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