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Next COD from Sledgehammer Games

Posted by SlayeR 1 month ago, 222 views Announcements  
Ever since they helped Infinity Ward with the development of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 all the way back in 2011, Sledgehammer Games have been positioned as the 3rd main development studio for the ...

Steam, Epic, and others banned in Indonesia

Posted by SlayeR 1 month ago, 275 views Announcements  
Digital storefronts like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, and others are currently banned in Indonesia. The Indonesian government made it a requirement that digital companies who failed to register wi...

Resident Evil get Xbox Series & PlayStation 5 upgrades

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 815 views Announcements  
Capcom has announced that three recent Resident Evil titles will be getting new-gen upgrades later this year. Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 7 will get Xbox Series X|S & PlaySt...

Capcom announces Street Fighter 6

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 707 views Announcements  
It has been years since Street Fighter V first launched, exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PC. Now, the fighting game community has something new to look forward to – Street Fighter 6, which is relea...

Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto 6

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 519 views Announcements  
Rockstar Games is making a new Grand Theft Auto game. That was true even before the company admitted it, but it has now publicly confirmed development in a blog post and a tweet.

With the u...

Rockstar confirm's next Grand Theft Auto

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 767 views Announcements  
A new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is in active development, Rockstar Games has confirmed. “We are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto serie...

Crytek has officially announced Crysis 4

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 463 views Announcements  
Crytek has officially confirmed that the fourth Crysis game is in development.

The news was announced in a blog by CEO Avni Yerli, who stated: “It’s something you have been asking us fo...

Call of Duty: Warzone developers at Raven Software announce intention to unionize

Posted by Diablo 2 years ago, 834 views Announcements  
A group of Call of Duty Warzone developers at Raven Software have announced their intention to form a worker’s union.

Dubbing themselves the Game Workers Alliance, the group are teaming w...

Take-Two announces acquisition of mobile games giant Zynga for $12.7bn

Posted by Diablo 2 years ago, 740 views Announcements  
Grand Theft Auto parent Take-Two has announced its intention to acquire mobile games giant Zynga in a deal worth $12.7 billion – the biggest ever in the games industry.

The deal will...

Pokemon Legends teases an announcement

Posted by Diablo 2 years ago, 759 views Announcements  
Pokemon Legends Arceus appears to be teasing an imminent announcement.

Earlier today on December 9, the official Pokemon Twitter account put out the tweet below, asking for followers to hel...

Nvidia, AMD and Intel will all be making announcements at CES 2022 on January 4th

Posted by Diablo 2 years ago, 774 views Announcements  
CES 2022 is going to have a very full opening day, as Nvidia has now announced its keynote, taking place on the 4th of January. Now, we’ll be getting major announcements from Intel, AMD and Nvidia o...

We disabled pop-up ads for now!

Posted by Diablo 3 years ago, 833 views Announcements  
We disabled pop-up ads for moment! Have a nice trip without pop-ups 41.gif
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