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Call of Duty: Vanguard aim assist

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 848 views Games  
A troublesome Call of Duty: Vanguard aim assist bug has finally been squashed after months of testing and investigation, and a fix for the issue will come to Warzone soon as well.

Vanguard ...
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Fortnite has removed building

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 1028 views Games  
Fortnite has removed building from its default mode for nine days to mark the start of the new season.

Fortnite’s new season, “Resistance” which brings with it a new battle pass fille...
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Humble Bundle nearly $10 million for Ukraine

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 851 views Other/Misc  
A recently launched Humble Bundle has raised nearly $10 million for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine at the time of writing.

The Stand with Ukraine Bundle costs $40 / £30.5...
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Overwatch 2 beta release date

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 799 views Upcoming Games  
The Overwatch 2 beta has a solid release date, as confirmed during a developer livestream on Twitch.

The highly anticipated beta will release on April 26 for PC players only, though Blizzar...
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AMD new Ryzen 7 5800X3D

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 727 views Hardware  
AMD’s latest desktop processor, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, has finally gotten a release date and price after being announced earlier this year at CES 2022. It’ll hit stores next month on April 20th for ...
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Steam on Chromebooks

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 759 views Steam  
Google announced that some ChromeOS users would finally be able to start testing Steam during its Google for Games Developer Summit but later revised that message to say that the alpha would be “com...
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Epic is donating to Ukraine

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 679 views Other/Misc  
A new season of Fortnite is launching today, and developer Epic will be donating all of its proceeds from the first two weeks to Ukraine-related humanitarian efforts. The action will last from March 2...
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EA bans Russian, Belarusian players

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 857 views eSport  
EA made a move with massive implications for multiple esports scenes today, banning teams and players from Russia and Belarus from competing in both the Apex Legends Global Series and EA Sports FIFA 2...
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Uncharted leaked by Steam

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 827 views Rumors  
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves and other PC release date might've just been leaked via Steam.

Earlier today on March 16, it was noted by users online that the Steam API had inadvertently ...
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Dr Disrespect and Twitch

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 760 views Other/Misc  
Guy ‘Dr Disrespect‘ Beahm’s legal dispute with Twitch is over.

Beahm was one of Twitch’s most popular streaming personalities prior to the unexpected termination of an exclusive dea...
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Russia has reportedly legalised some piracy

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 705 views Other/Misc  
Russia is reportedly in the process of changing its piracy laws in a bid to combat widespread boycotts and sanctions placed on it by western countries following its invasion of Ukraine.

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Uncharted could release for PC in July

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 699 views Rumors  
The PC release dates for a number of upcoming games including Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection may have been revealed via an update to Steam’s API.

As noted by SteamDB founder Pave...
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Square Enix has donated $500,000 to the Ukraine

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 786 views Other/Misc  
Square Enix has donated $500,000 to providing humanitarian support in Ukraine.

The money has been given to the UN refugee agency, which estimates that three million people have fled to...
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Elden Ring has sold 12 million copies

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 718 views Games  
Elden Ring has sold 12 million units in its first couple of weeks on sale, Bandai Namco has claimed.

FromSoftware‘s critically acclaimed epic was released on February 25, and according to...
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Stalker 2 change its name

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 749 views Games  
Stalker 2 has changed its name to reflect the Ukrainian spelling of Chornobyl, instead of the Russian version of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Earlier today on March 14, ResetEra users...
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GTA 5 loads three times faster on PS5

Posted by poisoN 2 years ago, 829 views Consoles  
GTA 5's loading times on PS5 are incredibly speedy compared to the PS4 version.

GTA 5 is a big game, and vast open worlds often come with significant loading times, but thanks to the po...
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