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Twistzz returns to Team Liquid

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 827 views eSport  
Counter-Strike’s golden boy Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken has returned to Team Liquid after spending three years in FaZe Clan. had earlier reported that Twistzz would be steppi...
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Counter-Strike players spent $1 billion on cases in 2023

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 776 views Other/Misc  
The amount of money Valve made in Counter-Strike case sales in 2023 will possibly blow your mind — or maybe you expect it from the CS2 community.

Skins are a big component of the Counter-...
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Until Dawn reportedly getting PS5 remaster

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 1007 views Games  
Last week we reported that Until Dawn, the 2015 PlayStation 4 exclusive would be getting a film adaptation. It seems as though Sony is going all-in on returning to the IP, with a PS5 remaster of Until...
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SteelSeries launches Apex Pro Mini

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 712 views Hardware  
SteelSeries has just unveiled a limited-edition version of their Apex Pro Mini keyboard. This special model is be coloured white and gold and features a brass weight plate along with a unique numberin...
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Fortnite finally coming back to iOS App Store

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 735 views Mobile Games  
All the way back in 2020, Apple removed Fortnite from its iOS App Store in response to efforts by Epic to circumvent the company’s store fees. 3 and a half years later and the ever-popular battle ro...
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Xbox makes up just 10% of all physical game sales

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 786 views Consoles  
Over the past few generations we have seen Microsoft move away from physical media, instead opting to push for an all-digital future. It seems Xbox’s lack of a physical presence has had an impact on...
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Next COD from Sledgehammer Games

Posted by SlayeR 4 months ago, 693 views Announcements  
Ever since they helped Infinity Ward with the development of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 all the way back in 2011, Sledgehammer Games have been positioned as the 3rd main development studio for the ...
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Latest Fortnite update nerfed fan-favorite items

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 789 views Games  
The latest Fortnite update brought numerous changes to the popular game. Epic Games added a lot of new content with the release of Chapter 5. However, the game hadn’t received many updates for a mon...
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Latest Valorant update

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 596 views Games  
While this week’s new Valorant update brought about a number of changes it also made some major tweaks to three of its popular agent characters, with one getting a much shorter shrift than the other...
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LoL patch 14.2 release time

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 859 views Games  
The long running MOBA League of Legends still gets plenty of players excited for whenever a new update arrives – and this week is no exception, with many eager to ask when is the LoL 14.2 patch rele...
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The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered release time

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 853 views Upcoming Games  
Sony is kicking off the new year with a return to easily their most divisive PlayStation exclusive since the days of the PS4. Every PlayStation user has an opinion about TLOU2, and these opinions alwa...
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Halo Infinite Isn't Getting Any More Seasons

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 730 views Games  
Halo Infinite isn't getting any more seasons, with 343 Industries massively overhauling its release schedule two years after launch. Instead, Halo Infinite will be supported by Operations, which w...
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Steam, Epic, and others banned in Indonesia

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 519 views Announcements  
Digital storefronts like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, and others are currently banned in Indonesia. The Indonesian government made it a requirement that digital companies who failed to register wi...
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AMD beats Q2 earnings

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 508 views Other/Misc  
Advanced Micro Devices reported its revenues and earnings for the second quarter ended June 30 beat expectations, with revenue growing 70% to $6.55 billion on a GAAP basis.

Non-GAAP ne...
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Hellblade 2 will be a digital-only release

Posted by SlayeR 5 months ago, 385 views Upcoming Games  
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be a digital-only release, Xbox has confirmed.

In a new blog about the game on the official Xbox Wire website, Ninja Theory studio head Dom Matthews stated ...
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Xbox’s Indiana Jones game revealed

Posted by exeqtR 5 months ago, 322 views Consoles  
MachineGames has shown the first full trailer for its Indiana Jones game, revealing that Harrison Ford will reprise his role as the hero – in likeness at least.

The Xbox and PC game, whic...
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