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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Already Being Streamed Ahead Of Launch

You've probably already come across Pokemon Legends: Arceus leaks, but with only five days till the launch, it now appears that people are streaming entire play-throughs of the game online. If you head on over to Twitch, you'll currently find a number of live streams of the yet unreleased game.

This is possible because the few people who got their hands on the game early uploaded it onto illegal ROM sites, making it playable via emulators. No big names have streamed the game as of yet, but knowing Nintendo's history with such things, they probably won't, for fear of being sued into oblivion.

From the looks of it, only small-time streamers have been streaming Arceus. Their strategy seems to be to stream it in short bursts, garner as many followers as they can, and stop before Nintendo notices them and takes action.

Unfortunately, it seems there's not much Nintendo could have done to avoid the leaks, as copies of the game appear to have gone out early thanks to a slip-up by one of the distributors. In fact, copies of the game also started appearing on eBay almost over two weeks before the planned launch date.

Game Freak has consciously adopted a minimal marketing strategy for this one so that players could explore the game's world all on their own. Pokemon fans have spent years asking for a game with an open world formula, and while discovery will be a big part of it, there will unfortunately be many spoilers floating around due to this massive leak.

While the game hasn't launched as yet, players can take in the sights of the Hisui region via a 360-degree video shared via Pokemon's Japanese Twitter account. The video takes you into the skies and across a waterbody, all while atop a Wyrdeer. While this will prepare you for what you can expect in the game's world, you can also begin preparations in the real world as preloads for Pokemon Legends: Arceus are now live. It's only a 13 GB download, so you can have it ready to play as soon as it launches.
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