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Most popular agents by rank

Posted by: SlayeR Aug 15 2021, 01:16 PM

The Valorant Tier List splits the agents in four tiers based on their popularity at Radiant. Find out the most played agents by rank in July 2021.

Finally, Riot released their API for Valorant, so starting from December 2020 I will provide official agent pick and win rate data based on the whole player base. There are several websites that gather and share these data, and after examining the most reliable ones, I concluded that there are almost no differences among their tools. This tier list contains matches played at Radiant in July 2021 during patches 3.0, 3.01, and 3.02. I will update it before the end of each month with fresh data.
# Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Immortal Radiant
1 Sage Sage Sage Sage Sage Jett Jett Jett
2 Reyna Reyna Reyna Reyna Jett Sage Sage Reyna
3 Jett Jett Jett Jett Reyna Reyna Reyna Sage
4 Raze Raze Raze Omen Omen Omen Omen Sova
5 Sova Sova Omen Raze Raze Sova Sova Omen
6 Phoenix Omen Sova Killjoy Sova Raze Viper Viper
7 Omen Killjoy Killjoy Sova Killjoy Killjoy Raze Raze
8 Killjoy Phoenix Brimstone Viper Viper Viper Skye Skye
9 Viper Viper Viper Brimstone Skye Skye Killjoy Cypher
10 Yoru Brimstone Phoenix Skye Brimstone Cypher Cypher Killjoy
11 Skye Skye Skye Cypher Cypher Brimstone Brimstone Brimstone
12 KAY/O KAY/O Cypher Phoenix Phoenix KAY/O KAY/O KAY/O
13 Brimstone Cypher KAY/O KAY/O KAY/O Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix
14 Cypher Yoru Yoru Breach Breach Breach Astra Astra
15 Breach Breach Breach Yoru Yoru Astra Breach Yoru
16 Astra Astra Astra Astra Astra Yoru Yoru Breach