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Simple CSGO Ranks

Posted by: FaLLeN Oct 4 2019, 10:59 PM

SimpleCSGORanks is being coded as an alternative to paid mods such as gameme.
The aim of the SimpleCSGORanks project is to create a simple plugin to track players skill in a simple way.

By Default:
Everytime a player gets a kill their rank increases by 5.
When a player is killed their rank decreases by 6.
When a player assists a kill their rank increases by 2.
When a player is much lower rank than the player they killed the numbers are 10 and 11.
When a player defuses the bomb their rank increases by 5.

A player is considered recent if they have either killed a player or have themselves been killed by another player.
Their recent activity variable is updated at the end of the round and time-stamped. Team kills are not tracked.
A player can check their rank by saying !rank
A player can check the top 10/25 players by saying !top, !top10 or !top25


Copy all the zipped files into your sourcemod server directory.
The plugin download link contains all of the sourcemod plugin files.
The plugin works with MySQL, as such you will need to have one set up.
The zip file contains a copy of databases.cfg that works with this mod.
You will also NEED to set up the databases by either importing the one from github or setting it up as per the readme on the github readme page.

It is also recommended that you increase the buffer pool if you have over 20000 players.

There are five basic console variables:

Sets the mode. (0) is rounds mode. (1) is immediate mode. Immediate mode is useful for deathmatch type games.
Enables free for all mode.
The number of points gained per kill
Additional points gained when killing a higher ranked player.
Difference between players ranks needed to consider one to be a higher ranked player.
Additionally there are five advanced console variables:
Allows changing of the database used from databases.cfg
(0)Nothing. (1) Cleans the database. (2) Clears players who have no kills for more than two months.
Limit the rate at which the cache updates its data.
Allows more threads than usual. Might be useful for servers with a large number of players.
Enable or disable advanced error messages. (0 or 1)

The "Get Plugin" version does NOT have colored text, only the one in the zip file does.
The "Get Plugin" version is version 0.2.3.
For complete gathering of statistics for your website you will want to use the WebsitePlugins in addition to the base plugin.

Linux users may need this package: apt-get install lib32z1