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Twistzz returns to Team Liquid

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Counter-Strike’s golden boy Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken has returned to Team Liquid after spending three years in FaZe Clan. had earlier reported that Twistzz would be stepping down from FaZe Clan to return to his former team. On December 1, Twistzz made it official, announcing his departure from FaZe Clan. Now, the Canadian player has confirmed his return to Team Liquid.

Twistzz will be joining the storied skipper Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller in the roster, who entered Liquid’s fold on December 6. His onboarding was also reported alongside Twistzz, so it wasn’t mainly a shock move, but players were still elated to see CadiaN in blue and white.

Now, Team Liquid has rounded off the revamp with the accomplished North American player.

After bidding farewell to Liquid’s Grand Slam-winning roster, Twistzz entered FaZe as a sharp-shooter, replacing Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye. During his three-year stint, Twistzz helped propel FaZe to the top of world rankings and played a crucial role in their PGL Major Antwerp 2022 win. It was his first major, confirming his status as a complete CSGO pro player before the game was discontinued for CS2.

Twistzz has consistently performed in every roster he has played on, regardless of the overall team’s ups and downs. In Liquid, he won two MVP medals and became a top-20 player in 2018 and 2019. His return to Team Liquid carries high expectations, especially considering the recent state of the North American organization’s CSGO division.

With Twistzz, Team Liquid will aim to retain its former glory and maybe win its first major in CS2.

Team Liquid’s roster after Twistzz’s addition:
  • Russel “⁠Twistzz⁠” Van Dulken
  • Keith “⁠NAF⁠” Markovic
  • Felipe “⁠skullz⁠” Medeiros
  • Casper “⁠cadiaN⁠” Møller
  • Mareks “⁠YEKINDAR⁠” Gaļinskis
  • Wilton “⁠zews⁠” Prado (coach)

The new roster will debut at the PGL Major Copenhagen, which is set to take place early next year.
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