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SteelSeries launches Apex Pro Mini

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SteelSeries has just unveiled a limited-edition version of their Apex Pro Mini keyboard. This special model is be coloured white and gold and features a brass weight plate along with a unique numbering. The Apex Pro Mini: Limited Edition White x Gold keyboard will be limited to 250 units.

Each Apex Pro Mini Apex Pro Mini: Limited Edition White x Gold keyboard is unique. The golden brass weight plate on the rear of each of the 250 keyboards Steelseries is numbered, ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind product. This plate is integrated into a precision-milled CNC aluminium bottom case, adding weight to the keyboard for extra grip. Additionally, instead of an aluminium top plate, these keyboards have a golden brass top plate to maintain the keyboard's overall theme.

Featuring the same OmniPoint 2.0 magnetic switches as the original Apex Pro Mini, users can configure the actuation point of the switch (from 0.1 mm to 4.0 mm). Moreover, you can now enable Rapid Trigger mode to make your inputs even faster.

A compact 60% design frees up desk space for larger mouse movements, improves aesthetics, and can provide more ergonomic positioning. Double-shot PBT keycaps are engineered with a textured finish, and the double-sleeved braided coiled cable is a nice touch. These SteelSeries keycaps have secondary functions printed on the side of the keycaps, which is meant to provide the functionality of a full-size keyboard in a smaller form factor.

Besides the new limited edition keyboard, SteelSeries is introducing the new Color collections, allowing users to customise their keyboards and setups with coloured accessories. Currently available in pink, blue, and green, each collection features a special-edition coiled cable, double-shot PBT keycaps, QcK mousepads, and Arctis Nova booster packs.

The Apex Pro Mini: Limited Edition White x Gold keyboard is available for $379.99 while supplies last. The Color collection coiled cable costs $39.99/€39.99, while the 60% Double shot PBT keycaps cost $29.99/€29.99. Each Arctis Nova booster pack is priced at $34.99/€34.99, and the QcK M mousepad is available for $12.99/€12.99. These accessories offer gamers a way to personalise their gaming experience and bring out their unique style.
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