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Xbox makes up just 10% of all physical game sales

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Over the past few generations we have seen Microsoft move away from physical media, instead opting to push for an all-digital future. It seems Xbox’s lack of a physical presence has had an impact on sales, with just 10% of all physical media being spent on Xbox.

As reported by industry analyst Mat Piscatella, in the US in 2023 Nintendo managed to take over half of the entire market, with 50% of all physical game spending going towards Nintendo’s platform.

Second place went to PlayStation, having captured 40% of the physical market. Last and certainly least is Microsoft, whose physical software accounted for just 10% of sales.

While this may seem like a stark difference between the platforms, as mentioned Microsoft has greatly de-emphasised its physical presence in recent times, with Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service being pitched as the platform’s primary place to play. Additionally, last year’s leaks surrounding the refreshed Xbox Series X showcased a digital-only console, suggesting that they truly are leaving the physical market behind.

Finally, a recent report by Jez Corden of Windows Central revealed that Microsoft have “shut down departments dedicated to bringing Xbox games to physical retail” – meaning there will likely come a time when Xbox has little to no physical presence in retail.

While it is an unfortunate truth that there will come a time when all game consoles are digital-only devices, it seems that Microsoft in particular are looking to accelerate this process,
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