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LoL patch 14.2 release time

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The long running MOBA League of Legends still gets plenty of players excited for whenever a new update arrives – and this week is no exception, with many eager to ask when is the LoL 14.2 patch release time?

Soon, the game will be getting ready to unleash its newest champion that it’s been teasing for some time, Smolder, the ridiculously cute dragon who Riot have described as a “simple to play Marksman” character, sure to make them popular with new fans. Meanwhile, longer-time LoL veterans will no doubt be compelled to pick them thanks to their cuteness. The bad news is, they’ll have to wait a little longer for the new character to arrive – as 14.2 will be the final patch that sets the groundwork for his arrival.

If you want to know when LoL patch 14.2 will drop, read on.

What is the LoL 14.2 patch release time?
LoL patch 14.2 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 according to the official patch schedule. However, Riot doesn’t usually give an exact fixed time for when the patch itself is set to arrive until the day before.

Riot does try and schedule updates for when the servers are most quiet – in other words, it tries to drop the update overnight. It also releases the update on a staggered drop around the world – with the update first dropping for the Oceanic region servers, followed by Korea, then Europe and finally North America.

According to the Riot Games Status page, the servers will shut down for the update at the following times, with the game expected to be unavailable for around three hours from the following times:

EU West: 05:00 GMT
EU NE: 02:00 GMT
NA: 03:00 PST
OCE: 06:00 AEDT
JP: 05:00 JST
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