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Release: Final
Version: 5.31

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DC++ (oDC) v.5.31

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A handy and reliable software solution that comes in handy to all those who want to share their fil
  Added by: SlayeR
  Category: Downloads > Programs
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Opera’s DC++ is a software tool that provides users with a simple means of sharing and transferring files over a DC network, as well as customize options for an increase in download speed.

Join our hub server:

Simple-to-handle GUI
It comes packed with a pretty simple and clean interface, as it only encloses a menu bar, several buttons, a pane in which to view selected details and another one dedicated to displaying ongoing downloads and uploads. Help contents are at your disposal and therefore you can easily find your way around it, even if you are not that versed when it comes to computers.

Options you can configure and a few hiccups
It is outdated, which leads to a number of problems throughout the application. For example, getting file lists from peers using newer clients is somewhat of an issue, while the download tool fails to perform appropriately if you expect multi-source transfers.

During our test, oDC++ had a series of connectivity problems, although many of the other clients worked pretty fine. It comes, nonetheless, with the basic functions that a user who plans to open it just a couple of times per year would need, such as auto-complete usernames in the chat window, alternate search and private messaging.

In addition, oDC includes web shortcuts, a dedicated 'Go to file' shortcut in the right click menu to instantly open the downloaded file, support for web links to be opened in your default web browser and a comprehensive settings menu to configure the app.

Bottom line
oDC has a lot of potential, but in order to maintain its fans, it requires more work. It has an easy-to-use interface and works pretty fast, and despite various issues, remains one of the most appreciated sharing software applications out there. The computer's performance can sometimes be affected, depending on the number of downloads and the speed.

1. Introduction

DC++ or oDC are applications of the popular Direct Connect protocol that uses peer-to-peer (P2P) networks for a very fast share (transfer) of all types of files. Direct Connect clients (DC++, oDC) connect to a central "hub" that offers file search and chat services. The file search is directed by the hub, while the file transfer is done directly between clients.
The speed of the transfer in P2P networks is obtained by using the computer power and the bandwidth of each user without using servers for mediation.

2. Installing oDC

You can get the oDC application from this page.

Run the downloaded installation kit and install the program.

3. Setting up DC++ or oDC

When you start the application for the first time, the settings window will appear where you must enter the following data in the respective fields:

Note - The fields marked with "*" are mandatory.

- General configurations -
- Personal information -
* - Nick - It is recommended to be of the form: [RO][NT]your nick;
- E-mail - Your E-mail address;
- Description - Write what you want or don't write anything;
- Connection Type - LAN(T1);

- Connection settings -
* - Active settings

- Note - It is better to be active than passive because passive <--> passive connections are not possible.

- Downloads –

- Directories - Select the directories where you want the downloaded files or unfinished files to be stored. (see picture)
* - Public Hub list -
- Public Hub list URL.- Enter:

* - Shared directories - Press "Add Folder" and navigate to the directory you want to share (Ex: Movies, Music, etc.). Repeat the operation until all the desired directories are in the share.
* - Upload slots - Recommended minimum 5 slots for each hub you connect to (Ex: 3 hubs = minimum 15 slots)

Note - The number of slots represents the number of people who can copy (movies, music) at the same time from your computer.

- It is very important to share only useful things like MUSIC, MOVIES, GAMES, things that others can take from you, this is the only way to create a private community where we will be able to find many new movies, good music and exciting games...
~~ ~~

Press "OK" and everything is almost done. If you want to make changes in the settings, you can get there through the menu, by pressing "File - Settings" or by pressing the second icon from left to right for. The alternative is Ctrl+E.

4. Connecting to the Hub

- Automatic - Adding one or more hubs to "Favorite Hubs" and checking the box in front of the name of the respective hub. Through this operation, when you start the application (oDC), you will be automatically connected to the hubs checked in "Favorite Hubs".

- Adding a hub to "Favorites Hubs" can be done in three ways:

1. After connecting to a hub, write the command "/fav" or "/favorite" in the main window and the current hub will be added to "Favorite Hubs".

2. Before connecting, right-click on one of the hubs in "Public Hubs" and click "Add to favorites".
3. Manually enter the name and address of the desired hub by pressing Ctrl+F and New. (The following window will open)

# For address, enter
# For nick, enter the name you want to appear when you connect to the hub.
- Note - To manage the hubs in "Favorite Hubs" press Ctrl+F.

5. General rules
Here are some common sense rules that must be followed on most hubs.

-1- Do not share falsely! Update your list after you have deleted files from the directories for which you shared.
-2- Do not share installed programs (whatever they are: utilities, games, operating system, etc.).
-3- Do not use upload limitation programs.
-4- Do not disconnect when someone copies from you.
-5- No sharing of files such as: temporary files (kaaza, swap, etc.), pornography with minors.
-6- Do not advertise on other hubs, in any form.
-7- Do not abuse with advertisements.
-8- Do not use vulgar language.
-9- Open at least 5 slots for upload.

Each hub can have its own rules that are displayed when connecting.

Emergency ordinance no. 123 of 01/09/2005 for the amendment and completion of Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights:
Art. 1398. It constitutes a crime and is punishable by imprisonment from 1 year to 4 years or a fine, making it available to the public, including via the Internet or other computer networks, without the consent of the rights holders, of the works or products bearing related rights or sui-generis rights of the manufacturers of databases or their copies, regardless of the support, so that the public can access them in any place or at any time individually chosen.

The GVME hub SERVER does not manage absolutely any information.
GVME is not responsible for the information shared by users who access the hub.
  Added: Jan 21 2024, 09:06 PM    Modified: Edited by SlayeR: Jan 29 2024, 03:12 PM    Thanks List: [+]      
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