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Halo Infinite Isn't Getting Any More Seasons

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Halo Infinite isn't getting any more seasons, with 343 Industries massively overhauling its release schedule two years after launch. Instead, Halo Infinite will be supported by Operations, which will last from four to six weeks.

This means that there will be no Season 6, following on from Season 5's release last October. 343 says that this sudden change of pace is in aid of freeing up devs to work on "brand new projects", suggesting that the studio is moving on from Halo Infinite's multiplayer.

As reported by PC Gamer, these comments came in a livestream on the future of the Halo series. As we now know, Infinite's future will be very different from what many fans were expecting. Yet judging from the reactions from players, the move might not necessarily be unpopular with the community.

"We're making a shift in how we're approaching Infinite going forward," says community director, Brian Jarrard. "The gist of it is that we're kind of no longer referring to seasons, we're shifting away from seasons."

He continues, explaining what this means in the immediate future. "Semantically, for what it's worth, our January 30th update will henceforth be known as CU29 [...] Future updates are going to be punctuated by [the] ongoing Operations model."

On the whole, many fans seem to feel optimistic about the future of the series after this livestream, even as it becomes clear that we won't get the large Halo Infinite updates of the past. In fact, just three months ago, our own Eric Switzer had written about how Infinite was finally finding its footing with the release of Season 5, something that might change now that the updates are getting smaller.
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