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CS2 Competitive Roles

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  Added by: SlayeR
  Category: Counter-Strike 2 > Strategies & Tactics
Difficulty Level: Expert
  Tags: roles cs2 competitive
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This is every role in Competitive CS2 and in CS2 in general if you are wanting to improve your gameplay and team cohesion this guide is a great starting point for you and your team!

1) In-Game Leader – This is by far not the easiest and most preferable role if you are only starting out. However, In-Game Leaders are usually those who know the map perfectly and can give timely callouts to the team and tell who should go where.

2) Entry Fragger – These players are usually famous for their fast reaction, allowing them to win 1v1 fights in most cases. As a rule, Entry Fraggers run out first and try to immediately take down an opponent to gain quantitative superiority for their team.

3) Support – This category of players is closely connected with Entry Fraggers. Those who act as Supports usually assist with flashes and smoke, as well as finish off injured enemies in case an Entry Fragger dies.

4) Lurker/Stealth – Such players are famous for playing from the flank side and never show up together with the rest of their team. Usually, Lurkers play silently and safely to plant a bomb on an unexpected site while their team is distracting the enemies somewhere else.

5) AWPer/Sniper – The name says it all. AWPer is a person who mainly plays with an AWP or Scout to assist their team from a distance. As a rule, AWPers have good reactions and must learn to quick scope to be able to eliminate an enemy who gets too close.
  Added: Oct 20 2023, 02:50 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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