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Best GPU for Counter-Strike 2

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  Added by: SlayeR
  Category: Counter-Strike 2 > Articles
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If you want to get the highest quality visual performance out of Counter-Strike 2 then it’s ideal to use the best GPU on the market, here are our graphics card recommendations for the FPS title.

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released and it’s had a nice graphical improvement compared to the original game. Due to this, it might be time to invest in a better GPU, or potentially an entirely new gaming setup whether it’s a laptop, a custom build, or a prebuilt PC.

When it comes to graphic cards, there are a lot of options out there but if you want high refresh rates in the game investing in a more recent piece of hardware would be ideal. So, here are our recommendations for the best Counter-Strike 2 GPUs, including AMD, Nvidia, and Intel cards.

1. Nvidia RTX 4070
For the best performance and access to software to assist with your playing, the Nvidia RTX 4070 is the king. While Counter-Strike 2 won’t take advantage of DLSS supersampling – yet – Valve has incorporated Nvidia Reflex into the mix.

2. Nvidia RTX 4060
The weaker of the three “mid-tier” GPUs from Nvidia at the moment, but also the most cost-efficient. Coming in at $299, not only does it unlock DLSS 3 for your entire game library, but it wipes the floor with CS2 at 1080p. You’ll even get great 1440p performance if higher resolutions are your jam.

3. Intel Arc A770
The Intel Arc first-generation GPUs often get overlooked. While not the most powerful, they offer an excellent low-cost entry point to some fantastic 1080p performance. CSGO originally had issues with the Intel Arc GPU series, mostly due to the way Intel handled DirectX 9 games on the hardware. With CS2 moving to Source 2, and leaving DX9 behind, this isn’t a problem anymore.

4. AMD RX 7800 XT
Not only did AMD’s latest card get our coveted 5/5, but it’s currently one of the best graphics cards on the market today. The GPU provides fantastic performance across the board, but expect a small dip in 4K performance if that’s your bag. CSGO ran at a cool 229FPS at 4K, but CS2 is a little more graphics intensive than its predecessor. While we’d probably stick to a maximum of 1440p regardless for esports titles, you’re getting a fantastic GPU in terms of raw performance.

5. Nvidia RTX 3060
A last-generation card, but the RTX 3060 is the sweet spot for both high-end 1080p performance and price. If you can find it on discount. Currently, the RTX 4060 is the same price at MSRP, but on Newegg, you can find the RTX 3060 for much less. If you’re willing to risk a pre-owned GPU, Newegg also supplies those for a steeper discount.

The RTX 3060 is one of the most popular GPUs in gaming and will continue to be for some time. Its staggering performance at 1080p is the perfect option for those wanting to get great at CS2 without the massive baggage of cost.
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