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Dead by Daylight ESP Cheat

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DBD - ESP, Unlock Customization Items
  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Cheats
  Tags: esp Items SelfHook SpeedHack dbd
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A great free and working hack for the game Dead by Daylight (DBD) with the functions ESP, Unlock Customization Items, SelfHook, SpeedHack, FOV Changer, Force Escape. We are pleased to bring to your attention this universal Dead by Daylight cheat from the developers of Entity cheats.

Cheat Dead by Daylight (DBD) Free
This is a private DBD hack from the developers of Entity cheats, which was sold on the cheat market, but now this cheat is available for free and anyone can download it. There are many different functions with which you can dominate the game servers and be the first among other players. Run this cheat in the game Dead by Daylight (DBD) and you will be able to use more game features that are not available to other players. You can see the full list of functions below under this entry.

Player ESP
- Killer
  • Name - the killer's nickname
  • Distance - the distance to the killer
  • Skeleton - the skeleton on the killer
  • Snaplines - Lines to the killer

- Survivor
  • Name - nicknames of survivors
  • Distance - the distance to the survivors
  • Skeleton - a skeleton for a survivor
  • Snap lines - lines to the survivor

- Object ESP
  • Window - window illumination
  • Pallet - pallet illumination
  • Totem - highlighting of ordinary totems
  • HEX:Totem - highlighting HEX Totems
  • Generator - illumination of generators
  • Trap - displaying traps of trapper, witch, snare of freddy's dream
  • Hatch - hatch
  • Escape - exit gate
  • Chest - chest
  • Locker - locker
  • Hook - hook
  • Brekable - fragile walls

- Misc
  • Unlock Customization Items - unlock all skins/icons
  • Crosshair - sight
  • Force Escape - instant escape for the survivor
  • SelfHook - hang yourself on a hook, that is, immortality
  • SpeedHack
  • FOV Changer - changing the viewing angle of FOV

How to use
  1. Replace GameOverlayRenderer64.dll with Steam open, to the folder with Steam
  2. To inject patch.dll in the db process
  3. To inject entity.dll
  Added: Oct 23 2022, 07:30 PM    Modified: Edited by poisoN: Oct 23 2022, 07:31 PM    Thanks List: [+]      
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