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Trickster Ultimate Guide

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  Tags: Trickster Ultimate Guide
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Many people struggle as trickster so I thought I will create a guide. This guide will include builds, how to use his power, and more. I will create a Heading for each section so feel free to skip to the area you want to read on.

A good build to run is Surge, Mad Grit, Hex: Ruin, and Hex: No One Escapes Death.

This build is better than it looks, I use Surge is for getting some gen regression. I have had many games where survivors come in to take hits and Mad Grit completely helps with that, it happens more often than you may think, Hex: Ruin is for gen control it can help so much. NOED is for the endgame because trickster is rough to play and in some games, you need to secure that extra kill, so I run NOED in some situations.

Another good build is Ruin, Undying, Surge, Discordance

This helps out a lot when controlling gens. Discordance helps out a lot when you need to find someone fast at the beginning of the game. You can also swap out Discordance for Iron Maden.

There are so many other builds but those are my two favorite builds to run

Here are some things to improve your gameplay as the Trickster
  • When you can get a hit, go for it. Many people playing trickster can get an easy hit and save time but they continue to throw knives. That's a bad idea because you can run out of knives and or they can get away and lose a hit on a survivor. If the survivor is right in front of you go for a hit.
  • Don't commit to just one survivor. Sometimes you can get distracted throwing knives and chasing one survivor, You need to learn when to commit and when to leave. It's best to leave if a gen pops after being in a chase for about a minute
  Added: Oct 20 2022, 09:12 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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