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How to get flashbang save

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Expert
  Tags: flashbang save DBD
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I am playing this build since 6 weeks. So far i recorded 217 flashbang/saboteur saves.
This works against the best killers in Dead by Daylight at rank 1 in CrossOff and CrossOn.
Since i rarly see anyone using flashbangs i hope i can encourage you to do so.

Flashbang, Saboteur, Sprint Burst

  • Borroed Time - You can do a Flashbang Unhoog vs Billy and Bubba but u will need Borrowed time for that.
  • Medal of Men - You have a good chance to activate Medal of men in the Match
  • Dont use Breakout. The killer will not be able to make it to another hook. Only if the survivor died right on the hook and if this is the case, you can still use sprint butst to catch up.

Game start:
When the Match starts, do the first generator that you see, dont reposition yourself to do the center gen or whatever. You want the flashbang as soon as possible.

When your generator is done, position yourself on a generator at the center or next to where the chase is.

You do this for 2 reasons. When someone goes down, you will most likly be faster on the hook with Sprint burst when you are in the center.

Also if the killer notice that a generator has progress next to a downed survivor, he will most likly hook him next to the generator to interrupt you or to pop him and that is what you want.

You have to have a bit experience on the map so when you see a hook, you should already know where the other hooks can be. So you can postion yourself right to make it to the hook no matter where the killer is going to.

The flashbang and saboteur synergie
The flashbang forces the killer to turn away, if he doenst because he didnt see it or because he did hit you, he will get blinded and drops the survivor.

If he turns away, you will get the sabotage done. sometimes he tires to hit you right after the flashbang but most killer dont realize that you sabotage from the side or behind the hook so they just swing at the fron of the hook.

Out of 225 hook save trys only 8 failed because i was hit after the flashbang and before the sabotage was one. it can happen, but it rarly does.

The flashbag hook save:
There are 3 types of Hooks.

1) The hook in the open where nothing is blocking any side of the hook (like a hook on the hill)
This hook is a 100% save. if the killer goes here and u reach this hook before he does, you drop the flashbang on the hook and sabotage the hook from behind. This also works if you dont have the flashbang.

2) The hook that is blocked from behind.
On this hook, you drop the flashbang on the side were you want to sabotage. you basically want the flashbang to be inside of you. Never sabotage from the front, it always has to be on one of the sides.

Two things can happen now:
- The killer sees you and hits you, than the flashbang goes off and you get the save.
- The killer respects the flashbang and turns away for a second to avoid it - in this case he will not see you going down on the hook.

when he realize what is going on, the hook is already gone and you have to try to avoid the hit to make it perfect. 80% of the killers will drop the survivor in that case.

3) The hook that is only accable form the front.
on this hook, most killers will just hit you and then take the flashbang that you droped on the hook. If you already did one save before, you should drop the flashbang in front of the hook, not behind.

You do this because the killer will most likly just hit you on the hook and then turn around.

Things you have to keep in mind:
- hide the fact that you have flashbangs and saboteur
- if there is a long wall on the hook and the killer comes around it, he will not hear the flashbang drop
- if you are on a open hook, make sure that the killer sees you droping the flashbang so that hes going to respect it and you got the time to sabotage.

this is important on open hook because there are zones next to the hook(depending where you used the flashbang), where he can hit you and he wont get blinded by the flashbang.

Basement save:
You should drop the flashbang inside the basement after u pass the small wall on the left. You do this because the killer wont hear the sound of dropping it and will most likly get blinded by it.

if you run down the stairs at the basement and hug the wall while in the droping animation of the flashbang, you wont drop it! you make the sound and the animation but it will not drop so dont get confused if you try this.

Saves on long onjects:
If the killer is not in the blinding range when you drop the flashbang, he wont get a sound notification. So if you see him coming around a corner in like 4-5m range, just drop the bang and hide your animation and he will get blinded.

Facecamp save:
throw the flashbang on the hooked survivor and look at the killer. if he turns away, u unhook. if he dont turns away, you have to look if you get the blinded notification. if you get it, u unhook (u will be blinded too at this point) move a bit while u watch for the killer reaction and make sure he is not standing right behind you when u unhook and you both got blinded.

If the facecamper is a bubba or a billy, you have to 99 your sprint burst so you can sprint away after the unhook (with borrowed time)

You should do this only if you are the only one in range. If you got another survivor, just block the back so he or you can unhook. Dont blind your teammates at the hook.

Late flashbang drop:
if the killer hits you, drop the flashbang in the directon hes goin. For some reason he wont hear the drop in the normal sound notification. this works best when you take a bodyblock hit right on the hook and then drop the flashbang on the hook. It will explode before he can get the hook done unless he has save the best for last.

Locker save:
You can use Flashbangs on every locker to get a save, but:

- you have to use the flashbang in the moment, when the survivor is grabbed out of the locker / when hes moving out of it.
- you also have to throw it into the locker.
- if you throw it on the side, you will not get the blind.

You have to be very close to a survivor that is about to get grabbed out of a locker or else you wont make the timing or you are to far away to throw it right into the locker.

Do this only if you are only a few meters next to the survivor, else go for the flashbang hook save and dont waste your flashbang if you think you wont make it in time for the timing.

Pickup save:
Small objects can block the flashbang and you have so be very close for this to get the timing right. This should be up to the flashlight user.

The trade:
If someone is death hook, you can force the killer to trade. Just be so close, that you can get in his way no matter what and then take a hit, run to the hook and do the flashbang + saboteur play.

He will most likly go right for the hit cause your injured and you may risk a double down but if you are fresh hook and the other guy is death hook you should try it. Success rate is very high if the killer doenst know about your flashbang and saboteur perk.
  Added: Oct 19 2022, 10:51 PM    Modified: Edited by poisoN: Oct 19 2022, 10:52 PM    Thanks List: [+]      
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