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Perks to counter Killers in DBD

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Expert
  Tags: Perks counter Killers chart
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VS Trapper: The Bear Trap Collector

  • Urban Evasion / Fixated: Slow down instead of running, It'll give you advantage to check the ground often.
  • Calm Spirit (Not Really): Prevents screaming when caught into traps.
  • Dead Hard: Your Last hope to Juke-A-Killer. Just dash it across with that perk.
  • Unbreakable / No Mither: Use it if the trap has a bloody coil on it.

VS Wraith: Will rip off your spine if you don't lose

  • Spine Chill: Recommended! This ninja can be nearby to kill you at any second once uncloaked (Wraith is very smart, quick and hard to evade! Be cautious!)
  • Sprint Burst: Combine with Spine Chill! Use it to get away before he uncloaks completely!
  • Fixated (Optional): Wears off exhaustion effect for head starts if necessary.
  • Vigil (Optional): Wears off exhaustion effect faster if necessary.
  • Flashbang (Optional): Screw Flashlights!
  • Iron Will: If the Wraith has good hearing at Survivors' pain, this is the solution.

VS Hillbilly: The Chainsaw apprentice

  • Sprint Burst: Prepare to use it to avoid chainsaw sprints
  • Decisive Strike: If he has enduring or being a pro tunneler, give him a piece of a medicene!
  • Borrowed Time: If the victim you rescued is the target, this perk will avoid an instant down.... Temporary.
  • Mettle of Man: If you are lucky enough to activate, he won't see it coming during the chase.

VS Nurse: Super Blink and you get owned

  • Lightweight: A little getaway if the Nurse was fatiqued.
  • Sprint Burst: Put some distance while the Nurse was blinking.
  • Inner Healing/Strength: Avoids The Nurse's calling if she has one.
  • Iron Will: Counters Stridor's pain sound but won't counter breathing.
  • Urban Evasion/Fixated: Evade into hiding spots while the Nurse was fatiqued.

VS Huntress: Humming and Hatchet Addict

  • Head-On: Just a little trap for Huntress if she likes searching lockers
  • Sprint Burst: Gain distance and put Huntress out of hatchet range.
  • Dead Hard: Avoids hatchets in a distances. Dodge quickly if you hear The Huntress throwing a hatchet. (Or you look behind her, this is unsafe.)
  • Vigil: Required for Sprints or Dead Hards.
  • Urban Evasion: Crouch to dodge hatchet shots after vaulting (If you are fast enough).

VS Michael Myers: Your 'evil friendly' stalker

  • Decisive Strike: Stab him back like what he did like in the Halloween movies.
  • Spine Chill: His stalk ability is very stealthy. Use this as a third eye if you are repairing a gen.
  • Sprint burst: If you see him stalking, you better run!
  • Object of Obsession: A special eye against wallhackers.

VS Hag: Is that a witch or a bogger?

  • Urban Evasion: Crouch to avoid traps. Even when they surround the hooked survivor.
  • Streetwise: Save your battery a little for burning traps.
  • Stake out (Mentioned): It will prove the terror radius is real or not
  • Diversion (Mentioned): It will prove the terror radius is real or not
  • Borrowed Time: Just in case if your attempt to save your friend went wrong......

VS Doctor: Giving him apples won't help......

  • Calm Spirit: Prevents you for screaming about while you went cray
  • Lithe: Useful on chases. Part of the Hoodini Build.
  • Dance With Me: Allows you to lose Doctor for a short time. Part of the Hoodini Build.
  • Quick an Quiet: Allows you to lose Doctor for a short time. Part of the Hoodini Build.

VS Spirit: The most annoying S+ Grade Tier Ghost

  • Iron Will: The Spirit no longer hears you when injured
  • No Mither: Other version of Iron Will. Prevents pools of blood dripping. I hope.....
  • Diversion: If she was nearby, Throw a pebble and make a safe escape.
  • Deception: Make Spirit think that you went into a locker while phasing.
  • Fixated: Able to understand the tracks that The Spirit is going to follow.
  • Lucky Break: The best perk to be the disappearing magician while injured.
  • Spine Chill: Warns you that the Spirit is coming at your direction.

VS Freddy Kruger: His song is the biggest curse and he is coming......

  • Bite The Bullet: Based for healing survivors or yourself and attempt to miss a skill check to wake up without getting spotted.
  • Technician: Based for repairing generators and attempt to miss a skill check to wake up without getting spotted.
  • Self Care / Boon: Circle of Healing: Combine with Bite the Bullet for safest healing at hiding spots.
  • Adrenaline: Wakes up immediately when triggered.

VS Leatherface: BBQ maniac and Chill out for the Chilli

  • Head On: Stun the Cannibal with the locker once he ends the chainsaw sweep attack. Be sure you enter a nearby locker quick!
  • Flashbang: Followed by Head On, throw it at the Cannibal for a good escape
  • Borrowed Time: Try to sacrifice yourself to get your teammate to safety once unhooked, once the Cannibal starts a double kill on his chainsaw.
  • Distortion: If he has BBQ and Chilli, this is recommended.
  • Build to last: If he has Franklin's Demise, This is recommended.

VS Clown: Likes to eat fingers for Breakfast and Dinner

  • Dead Hard: Dodge Bottle shots or his knife attacks during chases.
  • Windows of Opportunity: Use it to find a pallet or a window to loop in to buy some time.
  • Boil over: Not very useful but can shake off in perfect timing.
  • Mettle of Man: Take a hit for an extra chance while in a chase.

VS Amanda (AKA Pig): Boop the Snoot at her mask, and get one free reward

  • Spine Chill: Perfect notification to see a Pig smelling for you.
  • Sprint Burst: Run away when she starts dashing. Hear the audio cue first
  • Resilience: Speeds up the process while searching in jigsaw boxes.
  • Stake Out: Notifies the killer's presence or use skill checks to repair progress faster. Not that useful.

VS LEGION: Stab Stab Stab! Time for some mending!

  • Sprint Burst: Used to outrun Legions.
  • Lithe: Another method to outrun Legions.
  • Dead Hard: A Third method to outrun Legions.
  • Resilience: No use for healing? Try it!
  • This is not happening: Same goes for Resilience.
  • Self Care/Boon: Circle of healing: If you want to heal to healthy until you get damaged again, your call.
  • Iron Will: For stealth purposes while Legion went Frenzy.
  • Lightweight: Get away safety while Legion is fatiqued. Tempoary.

VS Plague: Your brain's poison

  • Resilience: If you don't wanna cure yourself to prevent the Plague to get a death power, your call.
  • This is not happening: If you don't wanna cure yourself to prevent the Plague to get a death power, your call.
  • Sprint Burst: You can use this to get away from the Plague's Vomit if you are lucky.
  • Dead Hard: If you are fully plagued then use it as a last resort before you are downed.

VS GhostFace: Wazzzzuuuupppp!!!!!!!

  • Spine Chill: Notifies you if Ghostface is watching you.
  • Sprint burst: Used to run away if you were seen stalked.
  • Distortion: If he is capable of seeing your Auras.

VS Oni: 鬼はあなたの気持ちを押しつぶし、あなたが馬のように死

  • Inner Healing: Removes Blood Orbs faster.
  • Self Care: Removes blood orbs.
  • Boon: Circle of Healing: Removes blood orbs.
  • Renewal: Yep, that's a big no to blood orbs.
  • Sprint Burst: Used to outrun the furious Oni.
  • Lithe: Used to outrun the furious Oni.

VS Demogorgon: A strange world with a strange creature [This Killer has been removed]

  • [Cancelled]

VS Pyramid Head: Yep, the Boogeyman who won't stop until he kills you

  • Urban Evasion: Used to go through torment trail without receiving suffering
  • Dead Hard: Dodges Dammed Punishment attacks

VS Trickster: The Human Machine Gun

  • Sprint Burst: Keep your distance to the trickster out of knife throwing range.
  • Borrowed Time: Endures 2 extra knife hits (Mentioned on Youtube)

VS Deathslinger: Red Dead by Daylight to Redemption

  • Sprint Burst: Put the Deathslinger out of his rifle range.
  • Dead Hard: Dodges Speargun shots. Must time it perfectly.
  • Urban Evasion: Use as a boosted advantage while crouching. Because sometimes crouching can dodge ranged shots.

VS Blight: Super Rush and get head bonged

  • Lightweight: Allows you to make a clean escape while the Blight is fatiqued.
  • Sprint Burst: Puts the Blight between the distance from you while rushing.

VS Twins: Double Terror

  • Unbreakable: Counters Victor slug
  • Tenacity: Counters Victor slug

VS T-103 Nemesis: Did someone say S.T.A.R.S.?

  • Flashbang: The weapon used to escape from Nemesis and Zombies.
  • Blast Mine: Traps against Nemesis if it destroys generators.
  • Any means Necessary: Use pallets to kill Zombies. and Reset pallets once you're done.
  • Head On: Able to kill Zombies with locker attacks.
  • Dead Hard : Dodges Nemesis's tentacle attacks.

VS Pinhead: Never touch the box

  • [???????]

VS Artist: [Coming soon! I'll update this post after a new chapter was released and get more info from that killer!]

  • Coming Soon!
  Added: Oct 19 2022, 09:21 AM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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