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DBD List of survivor perk synergies

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
  Tags: DBD survivor synergies perk
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I have a list of synergy perks for survivors to combine to a build, see if it could balance the odds to survive the trials.

Veteran Survivor: Overcome (Most players believe that Expert survivors are better than Noobs when they have this perk Equipped.)

Lucky Item Hunt: Plunderer's Instinct, Ace in the Hole

Infinite Medkit: Self Care, Botany Knowledge, Streetwise

Medic: Botany Knowledge, We'll make it, Desperate Measures

Regression Solving: Detective's Hunch and Rookie Spirit

Once caught, Next counter: Decisive Strike (You may swore to survive, as you are capable to counter killers, even you're caught while vaulting or interacting with lockers and exit gates.)

Reflex Vaulting: Resilience, Spine Chill, Lithe

Flashlighter: Streetwise, Built To last

Chest Thief: Pharmacy, Appraisal

Sabo Expert: Saboteur, Breakdown, Mettle of Man

Vanish like magic: Lucky Break, Distortion, Off the Record, Deception

Risky Operator: Stake Out, Fast Track (Completing objectives in a risky way by observing the killer's presence and let the survivors get hooked while repairing gens.)

Sprint Hitter: Sprint Burst, Vigil, Self Aware

Explorer's Instinct: Lightweight, Quick and Quiet, Diversion, Urban Evasion

Little Bush Gnome: Calm Spirit, Iron Will, Distortion (Keep yourself hidden from the killer's presence while hiding. this synergy is useful to maps that has bushes to hide into.)

War Dasher: Dead Hard, Iron Will, Unbreakable, Tenacity

Rescue Pilot: Flashbang, Iron Will, Kinship, Desperate Measures (Saving Survivors with tactical build is the safest way to do.)

Blessed Healer: Boon- Circle of Healing and Exponential, Leader, Botany Knowledge (This perk is focused about healing area control.)

Mechanic 1: Streetwise, Technician, Blast Mine, Built to Last

Mechanic 2: Prove Thyself, Wake Up!, Streetwise, Built to Last

Forward Up!: Smash Hit or Head On, Resilience, Windows of Opportunity, Any Means Necessary (You'll have to stall the killer to buy other survivors some time by giving longer chases and stun killers a lot.)

Struggling Free: Boil Over, Power Struggle, Flip Flop, Tenacity

Blind or Oblivious Counter: Spine Chill, Premonition, Small Game

Instant Heals: Adrenaline, Renewal, Inner Healing

Broken Hero: Guardian, Borrowed Time, Breakout, We're gonna Live Forever (Saving survivors can be risky against campers, you'll die quickly with this build and your allies will remember you as a hero after they escaped.)

Smooth Dancer: Boon - Shadow Step, Dance With me, Balanced Landing

Seeing the odds: Clairvoyance, Object of Obsession, Bond, Kindred
  Added: Oct 18 2022, 11:07 PM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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