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DBD Short Survivor Guide

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Begginer
  Tags: DBD Short Survivor Guide
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Survivors who are specialized on repairing and completing generators as quick as possible. There is one catch, they are vulnerable to the Killer's attacks and incapable of having skills to outrun them. This role is the key to complete the objectives within each trial, and they are unexpected targets for bloodthirsty killers to be sacrificed or killed.

Perks required: Resilience, This is not happening, Stake out, Fast Track, Build To Last, Prove Thyself, Streetwise, Overzealous, and Technician

Survivors who are specialized on rescuing other survivors who were in trouble, and risking themselves to keep the targeted allies safe, and distracting the killer to focus on you instead. For this role, you'll take on altruism missions rather than focusing on generators.

Perks required: Borrowed Time, We're gonna live forever, Guardian, Blood Pact, Aftercare, Any Means Necessary, Flashbang, Buckle Up, For the People, Inner Focus, Mettle of Man, Saboteur, and Breakout

Survivors who are specialized of getting the attention on the killer and keep it busy on you to ensure others' safety, as well as staying alive until the other survivors' objectives are completed and the exit gates were powered without getting killed or sacrificed.

Perks required: Sprint Burst, Dead Hard, Vigil, Deception, Quick and Quiet, Balanced Landing, Head On, Residential Manifest, Smash Hit, Flashbang, Dance With me, Windows of Opportunity, Decisive Strike, Overcome, Spine Chill, Flip Flop, Tenacity, Power Struggle, Parental Guidance, Lithe, Lucky Break, Lightweight, and Diversion.

Survivors who are specialized on assisting and supporting other survivors, based on healing survivors, disabling Hex Perks, preforming co-op repairs, and taking on protection hits for gate-opening survivors.

Perks required: Prove Thyself, Botanic Knowledge, Streetwise, Vigil, Leader, Empathic Connection, Empathy, Desperate Measures, Boon-Circle Of Healing, Boon-Exponential, Autodidact, Corrective Action, No one Left Behind, Repressed Alliance, and We'll Make it.
  Added: Oct 18 2022, 09:03 PM    Modified: Never edited!    Thanks List: [+]      
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