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Grade Reward in DBD

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  Added by: poisoN
  Category: Dead by Daylight > Guides
Difficulty Level: Begginer
  Tags: Grade Reward DBD
How do Grades Work?
Grades come in 5 Qualities.

Each Quality is subdivided into 4 Levels.
Grades progress 'backwards' in their numbering, with each Quality ranging from Level IV to Level I, creating a total of 20 Grades:
  1. Ash IV - I
  2. Bronze IV - I
  3. Silver IV - I
  4. Gold IV - I
  5. Iridescent IV - I

Grades are always reset to Ash IV on Grade Reset, which happens at every 13th of each month.
Grades are changed based on a system called Pipping, but...

What is Pipping?
Each Grade has a set amount of Pips one must obtain in order to improve one's Grade.
Depending on one's performance in a Trial, one can either gain +1 or +2 Pips, remain at their current number of Pips, or lose -1 Pip.

Filling all Pip Slots, which are displayed underneath a Grade's icon, will raise it to the next Level.
While it is possible to lose all Pips in one's current Grade by de-pipping repeatedly, losing all Pips will not lower the Grade to the previous one, as Ranks used to do.
Once a Grade is obtained, it cannot be lost anymore until the next Grade Reset.

Table of Pips required to rank up per Grade
Rank / Pips
  • Ash IV - III 3 pips
  • Ash II-I, Bronze IV - I 4 pips
  • Silver IV-I, Gold IV-I, Iridescent IV-II 5 pips
  • Iridescent I 0 pips

Grade Rewards
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  Added: Oct 18 2022, 08:29 PM    Modified: Edited by poisoN: Oct 18 2022, 08:30 PM    Thanks List: [+]      
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