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GTA 5 loads three times faster on PS5

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GTA 5's loading times on PS5 are incredibly speedy compared to the PS4 version.

GTA 5 is a big game, and vast open worlds often come with significant loading times, but thanks to the powerhouse that is the PS5, this is not the case with the newest iteration of the crime sim on Sony's latest console.

VGC put the next-gen rerelease of GTA 5 to the test, reporting that the PS5 version of the game loaded from the main menu into story mode in 27 seconds. That's significantly faster than its PS4 counterpart, which takes over a minute and a half to get into the action.

The loading times aren't as fast as other PS5 titles like Marvel's Avengers, which boasts loading times that "are pretty much instant", or Spider-Man: Miles Morales where you can be zipping around New York City in mere seconds, but it's still a remarkable improvement and good news for those eager to enter Los Santos' criminal underbelly once again. The time reduction is even more impressive given that GTA 5 was originally developed as a PlayStation 3 title.

Rockstar recently gave details on GTA Online's Career Builder feature, which gives newcomers instant access to properties as well as a sizeable amount of starting cash to spend on trendy outfits, designer apartments and fast cars.
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