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Release: Final
Players: 32
Map Theme: Town/Village
Textures: Default
Map Size: Medium
Bot .NAV: Available

Scores and popularity
Views: 789
Downloads: 58
Feedback: 0


2x2 version of Dust II
Added by: FaLLeN
Original Author(s):
David Johnston
Category: Counter-Strike > DE
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbN8qGpxziA
Tags: de_dust2x2 dust2 2x2 small de_
Attached Image Attached Image
Author's Readme/Notes
The name of this card, it can be assumed that it is a clone of game two on Dasta two, however, I would call this 1/2 map de_dust2. The author here is simply picked up and dumped half the map de_dust2.

So, on the map of de_dust2x2 we are waiting for exactly half of de_dust2. The part of the map, where is the point g, and tëmka-cut. Oddly enough, it all looks pretty decent. Contra respaunâtsâ, in a dark room. Output from the Center is closed the gate.
  Added: Aug 25 2019, 11:44 AM    Modified: Never edited!
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