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FaZe win IEM Katowice 2022 Grand Final

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IEM Katowice 2022, the first major Counter-Strike event of the year ended with FaZe taking down G2 in a showstopper of a Grand Final in the Spodek Arena. Here’s what happened at the event, including the full schedule, results, and how the final went down.
  • FaZe wins OT-packed Grand Final match against G2 3-0
  • G2 fly past NAVI 2-0 to secure first Grand Finals spot
  • FaZe take down Heroic 2-0 to face G2 in finals

IEM Katowice might not be a Major, but it’s still one of Counter-Strike’s biggest events. Returning to Poland again for 2022, 24 teams duked it out for a share of $1 million ⁠— including $400,000 for the winners.

All the big names were there, and the action was definitely intense. Here’s all you need to know about IEM Katowice 2022, including full results, teams participating, and how the Grand Final went down.

IEM Katowice 2022: Recap
Following the Group Stages, eventual champs FaZe were forced to play with stand-in jks in place of Rain for the entire knockout portion. However, they made quick work of Gambit, taking them down 2-0. On the other side of the bracket G2 also made quick work of Virtus.Pro, also winning 2-0.

The semis were full of even more sweeps. FaZe would get past Heroic unscathed with a 2-0 score, and G2 pulled off the upset against NAVI with their own 2-0 sweep.

This set up the FaZe vs G2 Grand Final, and despite finishing with a score of 3-0 in FaZe’s favor, it was a much closer match than that.

On the second map Mirage, the two teams would slog it out in more than 50 rounds of Counter-Strike for a map that ended up lasting over 2 hours in total. FaZe would end up winning 31-27 in one of the most memorable matches in recent CS history.

After that, Dust II seemed to fly by with FaZe wrapping things up 16-14, and an emotional karrigan raised the Katowice trophy along with the rest of his teammates.
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