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Ghostwire: Tokyo - New gameplay trailer

Sony’s latest showcase event was dedicated exclusively to Ghostwire: Tokyo with an in-depth gameplay trailer — and the game sure does look creepy. The paranormal action game from Tango Gameworks, the studio behind the Evil Within series, takes place in a modern version of Tokyo full of folklore creatures. It’s described as a “reimagining” of the Japanese metropolis, just, you know, with supernatural creatures lurking around.

The gameplay trailer is nearly 10 minutes long (it’s followed by an inside look at development), making it the best look we’ve had at the game so far, and it’s full of terrifying creatures and slick first-person action. It also provides a bit more detail on Ghostwire’s story, which takes place after a mystery event causes most of the city’s population to vanish and involves a spirit-possessed protagonist trying to survive in the aftermath. There are also extremely disturbing-looking locations that have been “distorted” and look ripped straight out of The Evil Within.

Ghostwire was originally slated to launch last year but — like so many other games — was eventually delayed. It’s now expected to come out on March 25th on both the PS5 and PC.

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