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Halo Infinite Attrition mode

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Halo Infinite Attrition mode will return down the line rather than being quietly locked away in the archives when the latest special event ends.

The Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event introduced Attrition mode to the game, and players instantly took to its competitive-friendly ruleset: each team is only given a set number of respawns, with manual revives being the only way to bring back teammates once they're gone - the battle royale style shrinking safe zone keeps the last moments of every match an intense showdown. GR's Alyssa Mercante likes it so much that she laid out an argument for why Halo Infinite Attrition mode should be added to the ranked rotation.

It seems the community response has gotten through to 343 Industries. Halo Infinite lead multiplayer designer Andrew Witts announced on his personal Twitter account that Attrition will return in some form - perhaps in its own playlist or as part of a broader one - at some point in the future. While not without occasional turbulence, Halo Infinite has enjoyed the biggest launch in the franchise's already big history. Integrating new modes like Attrition over time will hopefully help keep it going long after the new game buzz fades.

Hey Spartans!

The team is going to bring back Attrition in a more consistent manner such as its own playlist or part of a new one down the road.

Thanks for playing and providing feedback on its debut. We love the mode too and we're happy to see such a positive response to it.
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