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Halo Infinite "newcomer-friendly" multiplayer mode

Halo Infinite could be getting a new "newcomer-friendly" multiplayer mode from co-developer Certain Affinity soon.

According to Jez Corden of Windows Central, Halo Infinite co-developer Certain Affinity is working on a new multiplayer mode for the game which is allegedly codenamed "Tatanka" according to the industry insider.

Other details also revealed about the rumored new multiplayer mode suggest that it is designed to be a more "newcomer-friendly" experience that isn’t as demanding or competitive as pre-existing multiplayer modes. Corden also claims that the new mode will "hook into Halo Infinite’s upcoming Forge mode" as well as "feature player-created content as a core part of the experience."

Corden’s sources also say that the new Halo Infinite mode "will also leverage existing cosmetics from Halo Infinite's existing multiplayer progression, while potentially having a new progression system of its own on top."

If true, Certain Affinity appears to be busy these days as just a few days ago it was also revealed that the studio is potentially developing a Monster Hunter-inspired title for Xbox. According to Grubbsnax podcast host Jeff Grub, as well as Jez Corden, this project is codenamed 'Project Suerte' and is "a 'Monster Hunter' inspired game, implying big monster battles with multiplayer gameplay."

It wouldn’t be out of character for Certain Affinity to be working on a project for Xbox, as the Texas-based studio has worked closely with Microsoft ever since 2007. The studio has helped to develop a number of Halo games in the series as well as some Call of Duty titles, and more. This isn’t all it is known for though, as Certain Affinity also has its own games in the form of RTS Age of Booty in 2008 and an ARPG Crimson Alliance.
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