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CS:GO Schedule 2022 BLAST Premier

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BLAST Premier has released its schedule for this year’s competition in CS:GO.

The BLAST schedule has been divided into similar tournaments as last year. The spring and fall seasons have been split into three different tournaments: Groups, Showdowns, and Finals. By the end of the year, from Dec. 14 to 18, the BLAST Premier World Final will take place, where $1 million will be on the line.

The 2022 season is set to begin on Jan. 28 with the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, which will last until Feb. 6. The event will be followed by the Spring Showdown and Final tournaments, which are scheduled to be played from April 20 to 24 and from June 14 to 19, respectively.
  • Spring Groups: Jan 28-Feb 6 (Online)
  • Spring Showdown: Apr 20-24 (Online)
  • Spring Final: Jun 14-19 (Arena)
  • Fall Groups: Aug 19-28 (Studio)
  • Fall Showdown: Oct 19-23 (Online)
  • Fall Final: Nov 22-27 (Arena)
  • World Final: Dec 14-18 (Arena)

The schedule for the competition in the fall looks similar to the spring. The Groups tournament is set to take place from Aug. 10 to 28. The Showdown and Final matches will be held from Oct. 19 to 23 and from Nov. 22 to 27, respectively.

Three of the BLAST events are meant to take place in arenas: Spring Final, Fall Final, and World Final. But the certain venues in which the events may take place remain unknown. Additionally, the Fall Groups event is expected to take place in a studio environment.

The organizer is implementing one change to the 2022 season in comparison to last year. During the Showdown tournaments, six teams from Groups will still be joined by nine regional qualifiers. Then, the 16 competitors will be split into two brackets: European and CIS, and NA and the rest of the world. The best team from each will go through to the Final event.

Last year belonged to Natus Vincere. The CIS representatives topped their group in the Spring and Fall Groups tournaments. The team fell short in the Spring Finals against Gambit Esports but claimed the Fall Finals and World Final 2021 trophies.
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