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WWE 2K22 Launches March 11

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It's been a while since a new WWE game launched. Well, at least one in 2K's main series. WWE 2K20 launched in 2019 and to say the reception was disastrous might well be an understatement. The glitches and bugs were so widespread that the game was almost unplayable for a lot who picked it up on day one. Backlash to the game was so fierce, 2K promptly canceled development of its next installment and instead focused on WWE 2K22.

More than two years later, the release date of 2K22 is almost upon us. That was revealed via the most recent and in-depth trailer to date, which you can check out below. WWE 2K22 will launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on March 11, 2022. That's unless you opt for the Deluxe or nWo 4-Life editions of the game which include early access from March 8.

The trailer features a who's who of WWE Superstars, but also a cameo from popular streamer TimTheTatMan. Tim welcomes us into WWE HQ before saying hi to Alexa Bliss and then Riddle as he rides past on a scooter. TheTatMan then continues to pop up in the background throughout, including a rather amusing scene where Big E and Bobby Lashley are performing mocap for in-game steel chair shots. Perhaps the streamer will be a playable character in the new game. It wouldn't be the first time a celebrity has been given that honor.

A number of other new details have been revealed about WWE 2K22, including how much it's going to cost. The last-gen and PC versions of the game will retail for $59.99, while the PS5 and Series X|S versions of the game will cost $10 more. There's also a cross-gen bundle available for preorder at $79.99 which presumably includes the last-gen version of the game but also an upgrade to next-gen should you need one now or in the future.

As the leaks earlier this month revealed, Rey Mysterio has indeed been selected to be the cover star of WWE 2K22. The game will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mysterio's first match in WWE as he will also be the star of 2K's returning Showcase mode. Showcase will allow you to relive some of Mysterio's most memorable matches with you in the driver's seat. Just 50 days to go to find out whether it lives up to the hype and makes up for WWE 2K20.
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