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How to play Rell in League of Legends

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  Added by: Diablo
  Category: League of Legends > GamePlay
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
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Rell is a form switching tanky support that released at the end of 2020 for League of Legends. Since Rell’s launch, she has been in a weird spot, with her presence feeling rather lackluster. Although, since the Spring 2020 Regular Season, Rell’s power level is starting to reveal itself to the masses. Here is what makes Rell strong and tips on how to play Rell.

Rell’s Abilities
Rell is a tanky engage support, with different tools to CC the enemy team, peel, and provide defensive bonuses to allies. The type of CC that Rell likes is getting herself in the fray, stunning, forcing enemies to move, and then getting them magnetized to her. These are key if you want to learn how to play Rell.

Passive – Break the Mold
Rell’s basic attacks deal bonus damage and reduce the target’s armor and magic resistance for several seconds. The armor and magic resistance debuff maintain if Rell continues to auto-attack her target.

Rell then gains bonus magic resistance and armor for every enemy affected by Break the Mold and deals bonus damage to enemies already affected with the Break the Mold debuff.

Q – Shattering Strike
Rell thrusts her lance in a direction, destroying shields on the target and dealing light magic damage. Enemies hit after the first target to 50% reduced damage from the lance. The first enemy hit also takes the effects of Break the Mold.

If Rell strikes targets with her lance while affected by her E – Attract and Repel, she will heal herself and her ally for a light amount.

W – Ferromancy
Passives – While mounted, Rell gains bonus movement speed. When dismounted she gains 10% bonus resistances and a shield that expires after mounting up or getting destroyed.

Ferromancy: Crash Down- Rell and her mount jump in the air for one second crashing down on a location and knocking up enemies caught.

Ferromancy: Mount Up – Grants 15% bonus movement speed for several seconds. The speed increases if she moves towards enemy champions. Rell also gains a flip mechanic that grants her 100-bonus range until used. The flip stuns the target for one second and makes Rell unstoppable during that time.

E – Attract and Repel
Rell selects an ally champion to link with, granting them bonus defensive stats equal to 10% of Rell’s armor and magic resistance. Recasting Attract and Repel will stun any enemy champion caught in the radius around Rell, her ally, or the tether link for one second.

If Rell wants to tether to a new target, she can cast the ability on herself to drop the link as long it is not already on cooldown, or she hasn’t been in combat for three seconds with an enemy champion.

R – Magnetic Storm
Rell’s magnets activate for two seconds, bringing in every enemy champion within the ultimate’s radius to her position. The effect maintains if they remain in Rell’s ultimate radius. Enemies caught in the magnetic field will take magic damage every 0.25 seconds of Magnetic Storm’s duration.

Rell Laning Phase Tips
Rell’s naturally tanky kit and CC makes her level 2 powerful. The engage potential from Ferromancy: Crash Down, and her dismount passive can negate a lot of low-level damage through the shield and resistance, followed up with an extra one-second stun for Attract and Repel. This combination is best used to only trade in burst windows. Rell’s short but plentiful CC chain works well with ADC’s that take the Hail of Blades ADC like Kai’sa. Other ADCs that can quickly burst out like Miss Fortune, Lucian, or Caitlyn work well too, for example.

Rell’s Ferromancy: Mount Up is a great planning tool or reengage mechanic due to her flip. Use the flip on the kill target and follow that up with another Crash Down and E stun to blow an enemy flash or get a kill. An example of this can be seen in the Schalke 04 vs G2 Esports laning phase of how to play Rell’s laning phase with jungle interaction.

However, Rell falls off in sustained fights in the laning phase. Her short and quick CC works well for burst windows, but the very light heal from Rell’s Q means she lacks a lot of sustain. The length between being able to Mount Up and Crash Down is long. Ideally, back out after the trade as she is a lot easier to catch without her mount’s movement speed.

Rell Teamfight Tips
Rell falls off in the mid to late game. Unlike Leona’s huge resistance gain, while her W is active, or Alistar’s 70% damage reduction ultimate, Rell relies on her passive and plenty of resistances. This means she needs to get as many people hit with her passive during her CC chain to steal as much resistances as possible. This is key for understanding how to play Rell in the later game.

With Rell’s fully committed engage playstyle, she’ll need follow-up to make her setup worthwhile. Any top lane or jungle tank or bruiser is perfectly fine for secondary engage. Alternatively, Rell makes excellent reengage after a team denies an enemy engage. MAD Lions are a good example of this as the Rell stalls the enemy carry threat from following up on the Irelia engage. The disruption caused allowed MAD Lions to get back in position and follow up on the time Rell bought. Learning from the pros is a solid way of learning how to play Rell.

The other role Rell fills is peeling. Rell can peel and protect the backline with her Attract and Repel bonus resistance passive on her allied target. If enemies make their way on the backline, Rell can ult them and escort them off the backlink like a bouncer in a club. Follow that up with the Attract and Repel’s stun and Ferromancy CC to create the space needed for her carries.

Rell’s Build Tips
Rell is in an interesting place with build orders as there are a few build paths in mind. The Mythic items that Rell can purchase are Shurelya’s Battlesong, Turbo Chemtank, or Locket of the Iron Solari. Shurelya’s purchase provides light defensive stats with the extra AP, bonus movement speed mythic passive, and active movement speed bonus. Turbo Chemtank grants more defensives than Shurelya’s and provides a bonus movement speed active. Locket of the Iron Solari grants more resistances than the two other mythics and an on-use shield effect.

Most players in solo queue tend to select Locket of the Iron Solari, as the bonus resistance and on use shield based on level offers that extra sustain to her allies and her engage. However, many players tend not to build Locket until the second or third item. Dead Man’s Plate is typically the first item due to the bonus movement speed generator passive. In some quicker games, Rell sometimes finds herself without a mythic item completed.

One thing Rell players need to remember is that support gold generation is very low. Most supports find they can get two completed items and boots if they are lucky in some of the longer games. Opting for Locket means the Rell can struggle to get the two-piece synergy going. Therefore, going for Shurelya’s or Chemtank can make for a better itemization experience. After that, the next item can be more supportive or tanky, such as a Bramble Vest and upgraded boots, or maybe even Zeke’s Convergence.

Rune Tips
Attached Image
Like many tanky supports out there, Aftershock naturally flatters Rell the most with gaining bonus resistances with her CC. The bonus resistances then burst to deal damage scaling with bonus health. Shield Bash is a popular rune in the second row because it procs off Rell’s Ferromancy Shield and Locket. The rune grants extra max hp damage on the next auto after gaining a shield, enhancing Rell’s laning burst window. The third tier is completely optional, and the final tier many players opt for Unflinching for the tenacity.

The second Rune tree is Inspirational. There is no set meta in this tree, although, Hextech Flashtraption and Biscuit Delivery are popular choices. Other plays opt for the Perfect Timing stopwatch and Minion Dematerializer. This section is all about your playstyle.

The general row is more about adaptation. If there is more magic damage or attack damage on the enemy team, then take double MR or armor runes. The top row’s option is either extra Ability Haste or attack speed as both are fine.
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