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Valorant: 8 Things You Didn't Know About Agent Neon

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  Added by: Diablo
  Category: Valorant > Articles
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Valorant is just beginning Act 1 of Episode 4, and Riot Games has made many positive changes to the game. The biggest addition to Valorant is undoubtedly the new agent Neon, who’s the 18th agent on the roster. There are many great characters in Valorant and the speedster known as Neon is the most popular of the bunch right now.

Neon is the fastest character in the game, even more so than Jett. Most of her abilities revolve around speed and mobility. While Neon’s a simple agent to learn, she’s difficult to master. Here’s some of the juiciest background trivia on Neon before you take to playing as her.

8 She's A Duelist
Neon is one of the six duelists in Valorant. The announcement that she would be a duelist was a little surprising because the role already had five agents at the time, more than any other role. There are only four Controllers, four Initiators, and four Sentinels, yet Riot decided to add another Duelist to the mix. That being said, they’re arguably the most enjoyable agents to play, so it makes sense.

Duelists are the agents who are best equipped to take opponents out in one on one gunfights. They should be the first to enter bomb sites and engage the enemy. Neon’s kit allows her to get to bomb sites faster than any other character, so she’s vital to any aggressive team.

7 She's A Radiant From The Philippines
Neon is a radiant, meaning she has hypernatural abilities as a result of the First Light, an event that changed the world forever. First Light led to big changes in life, technology, and the world’s governments. There are eight other radiants in the game: Astra, Jett, Omen, Phoenix, Reyna, Sage, Skye, and Yoru. They all have abilities that range from teleportation to healing.

Neon hails from the Philippines, making her the fourth Asian agent in the game alongside China’s Sage, South Korea’s Jett, and Japan’s Yoru. It’s neat that Riot decided to have agents from all around the world in Valorant as it allows players to relate to the characters more easily.

6 She Was A Collaboration Effort
Neon was a collaboration effort between Valorant’s Agent Team and League of Legends’ Champion Team. Valorant and League of Legends are developed by Riot Games, so it makes sense for them to put their creative minds together and come up with some unique agents and champions. They worked together to create a character for both games: Neon for Valorant, and Zeri for League of Legends.

Both characters are inspired by Filipino culture and look similar. They have the same hairstyle and similar abilities as they can both use electricity. Another similarity between the two is that they have the same voice actress. Both characters look amazing, and we can’t wait to see Zeri join League of Legends soon.

5 One Of The Youngest Agents On The Roster
Neon is one of the youngest agents on the roster. We don’t know the age of any agents in the game, as they’re never disclosed, but it’s clear that Neon is quite young compared to most of them. If Chamber and Reyna are on the same team and Neon is on the opposing team, Chamber will refer to Neon as “an impressionable young mind” for Reyna to “corrupt.”

There are a lot of interesting interactions that the agents in Valorant can have with one another depending on their team’s composition. It would be amazing to see Riot expand on this and give us some extensive lore write-ups, similar to what they have done with League of Legends.

4 Discovered By A Scientist
A Filipino scientist was conducting an investigation following a lightning strike so powerful that it revealed a rift in the sky. He searched around Mt. Pulag, which is the third-highest mountain in the Philippines, and eventually found Neon. After conducting some more research, he learned that Neon was likely the one responsible for the massive lightning strike.

The scientist then adopted Neon and helped train her to control her electric powers and use them for good as opposed to evil. If it wasn’t for the scientist who found her, Neon would have never become an agent in the Valorant Protocol.

3 She Was Recruited For Her Electricity
In the Valorant lore, there are multiple Earths. The reason why you can have the same agent on both teams is that one is from Earth and the other is from Mirror Earth. There is a Valorant protocol on both Earths made up of the same agents, which leads to Earth defending their radianite from Mirror Earth. Neon was recruited to join Earth’s Valorant Protocol because her electric powers were needed for a teleporter to go between the two Earths.

Neon’s electric abilities were going to be used as a power source for this teleporter, which would allow the members of the Valorant Protocol to handle their business much more efficiently.

2 She Has A History With Chamber
Neon has some kind of history with Chamber, although we don’t really know what it is. It was a misunderstanding of some sort that left Neon frustrated with the Sentinel agent. She definitely seems to dislike Chamber for something he did in the past.

According to a voicemail Chamber left to Brimstone about Neon, he worked with Neon at K/SEC, the humanitarian branch of the Kingdom Corporation, and can’t reach out to her directly because of something that went down. In-game, you can hear Neon tell Chamber to keep her out of whatever he’s planning if the two agents are on the same team. Whatever the beef is between these two, we know it’s something that will likely take a long time to settle.

1 Codename Sprinter
Every agent in Valorant is given a codename before their release that usually makes it clear what their kit will be focused on. For example, Brimstone’s codename was Sarge and Omen’s codename was Wraith. For Neon, her codename was Sprinter and, seeing as her abilities all center around speed, it’s a fitting codename for the agent.

The first image that Riot shared of the new agent was of her sneakers with a bolt of electricity shooting through one of them. She’s dressed in athletic attire and wears a unique pair of sneakers, so you know she’s ready for a sprint anytime, any place. Valorant is already a fast-paced game as-is and Neon takes it up a notch.
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