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Halo Infinite Campaign Install Size

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After announcing Halo Infinite's Campaign can't be pre-loaded, 343 Industries confirms the install sizes for the full game's release.

The full Halo Infinite experience is nearly here, and fans have still been mostly in the dark about just what that looks like download-wise. With just a few hours to go, 343 Industries has detailed what Halo Infinite's campaign file size looks like for players who have been playing the multiplayer beta, and those coming in fresh.

It came as both a surprise and a disappointment for many when 343 Industries confirmed Halo Infinite does not have pre-load support. Rather than players being able to set up a download for the game ahead of its formal release so that they can jump in right when the game releases, players around the world must wait until the same time (10AM PST) to just begin downloading the game. Despite the high praise that Halo Infinite's gameplay has received since the start of its multiplayer beta, many structural complaints have been levied by players at 343 Industries, like player-progression in the battle pass, or the prices of cosmetics in the item shop.

343 Industries has provided a breakdown of Halo Infinite's campaign install size. The information comes from a tweet by the official Halo Support account, it explaining, "Players who have downloaded the Multiplayer Beta will have a smaller download size." Furthermore, Halo Support notes that files sizes will vary depending on the platform, but this is an expectation of most modern video game releases. Attached to the tweet is an image that provides the specific file sizes for nearly every possible variation for the Halo Infinite update.

The first category pertains to those who haven't downloaded Halo Infinite Multiplayer yet. To download only Multiplayer today is approximately a 26.53 GB install, and to download both it and Campaign is approximately 48.42 GB. As mentioned, those who have already downloaded Multiplayer have smaller file sizes to contend with: the Multiplayer update by itself is approximately 3.97 GB, while the Campaign install is an "additional download" of about 25.86 GB. It is currently unknown how big of an update physical buyers will have since not all of Halo Infinite fits on its disc.

Judging by the approximate file sizes alone, the damage could certainly be much worse, considering some of the more extreme installation sizes of other modern AAA video games. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Destiny 2, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are notoriously large games, being hundreds of GB each, so Halo Infinite is definitely clocking in on the lower end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, though, even the smallest of updates can take forever depending on a user's internet connection and speed. Fingers crossed everyone can get into Master Chief's latest adventure as soon as they can.

Halo Infinite launches worldwide at 10 AM PST on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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