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Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay Trailer

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Star Wars: Hunters, a competitive arena game, releases a gameplay trailer focusing on character abilities, like J-3DI, Slingshot, Sentinel, and more. The future is looking good for Star Wars fans, particularly in the game department. EA has basically confirmed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, Ubisoft is working on an open-world Star Wars game, KOTOR is getting remade, and rumors of new projects are aplenty. One of the currently known projects just got a pretty decent update, and that’s for Star Wars: Hunters. Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming competitive arena game, published by Zynga and set to release in 2022 on Android, iOS, and Switch. Star Wars: Hunters is set after the Galactic Empire’s defeat and features unique characters from that era, such as a lightsaber-wielding droid named J-3DI and two Jawa brothers where one stands on the other for one character named Utooni. Now, thanks to a new gameplay trailer, fans get to see these characters in action. The big emphasis is on Star Wars: Hunters’ playable characters. Slingshot, an Ughnaught piloting a droideka, can spin, rip, and bounce around the battlefield. The Wookiee warrior can charge and throw massive boulders. Hilariously, J-3Di believes he can use the Force and has an ability called Faux Pull, where his droid arm extends to pull someone to him. Sentinel is a Stormtrooper with a heavy machine gun and a shield, similar to Apex Legends’ Gibraltar and his gun shield, and Rieve appears to be some form of Sith. There’s also a rogue-style character, like Han Solo, who appears to focus on a blaster pistol but has healing abilities, coming across as one of the game’s Support characters. There’s also a Bounty Hunter with a rocket pack on their shoulder and the ability to use a Grapple Hook to get in and out of situations. This particular Star Wars: Hunters trailer has an emphasis on the game’s 4v4 combat (game modes include Escort, Control, and presumably more). These fights take place in the “Grand Arena” where they compete for fame and fortune in the “Hunters of the Outer Rim” competition, whereas players earn cosmetics, animations, weapon appearances, and more. The Grand Arena is also stylized to look like planets from the Outer Rim, such as Tatooine and Endor. Each character falls into one of three standard classes: Damage, Support, and Tank. Some educated guesses can be taken from the Star Wars: Hunters’ gameplay trailer above, but it’s probably worth waiting to learn more about each character, class composition in a match, and so on. Overall, with 2022 right around the corner, fans can probably expect more out of Star Wars: Hunters soon. Star Wars: Hunters releases in 2022 for Android, iOS, and Switch.
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