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Halo TV Show Trailer Will Debut During The Game Awards

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The upcoming Halo TV show will receive its first full trailer during The Game Awards later this week.

The idea of Halo appearing as a movie or television show has long been exciting, but fans still haven't gotten the adaptation they deserve. However, that's all slated to change, as a Halo TV show is currently in the works for Paramount Plus and set to debut next year. While fans recently got a glimpse of Master Chief's look in the show, it appears that fans will see more at The Game Awards later this week.

Over on Twitter, Geoff Keighley, The Game Awards' progenitor, confirmed that the first full trailer for the Halo television series will debut during the show. The announcement was paired with a brief teaser for the trailer, giving a few glamor shots of marines, Spartans, and a docking bay full of UNSC equipment. It's the best look that fans have gotten of the series yet, though it doesn't confirm much new information about the show.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the teaser is the simple look at some of the Spartans that will be featured in it, other than Master Chief himself. There are two Spartans in the trailer worth noting, the first being Kai-125 and the second being Vannak-134. While little is known about them compared to Master Chief, it appears that they will have central roles in the Paramount Plus Halo series.

As noted by Keighley, it's a massive week for the Halo franchise. Halo Infinite fully releases tomorrow, marking a new chapter in the coveted franchise. While the Multiplayer Beta has been out for a few weeks, the campaign is the star of the show for many series fans, and it's earned high marks from critics those far.

Of course, there have been questions of whether or not the Halo TV show can live up to the games. Halo has been one of the defining franchises not just for the games industry, but for sci-fi as a whole, despite the genre being notoriously difficult to do well. With a fanbase as dedicated as Halo's, the show will have to tread carefully with how it treats the source material.

Regardless, it's a big trailer to debut during The Game Awards, which is already promising other major reveals on top of the Halo trailer. That's great news for fans, as it means they'll finally get longer looks at upcoming games, as well as some completely new announcements to look forward to. Hopefully, the show won't disappoint, though things are looking good.

Halo will stream on Paramount Plus in 2022.
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Wow i can't wait for this 13.gif
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