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What you need to know about IEM Winter

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IEM Winter will be the next CS:GO event and will feature many familiar faces from the last two months.

IEM Winter 2021 is set to take place from December 2nd to the 12th. The event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in a LAN event with live fans. The tournament will feature two groups of eight, with only three qualifying for the playoffs. The sixteen teams include: Vitality, G2 Esports, Gambit, Heroic, NiP,, FaZe Clan, Astralis, Team Liquid, ENCE, OG, BIG, MOUZ, Fnatic. GODSENT, and TYLOO.

Most notably, the recent Major winners and BLAST Premier Champions, Na’Vi will be absent as will be the sole CIS representative. Without the current first ranked team in the world present, there is plenty of opportunity for other teams to make their mark.
IEM Winter 2021 Format
The initial group stage will see eight teams compete for three available playoff spots. This first phase of competition will be played in a double elimination, best-of-three bracket. The group stages will run from Thursday to Saturday.

Day 1 - 12:00 CET
@NiPCS vs. @AstralisCS
@Mousesports vs. @TeamVitality

Day 2 - 13:10 CET
@G2esports vs. @tyloogaming
@OGCSGO vs. @TeamLiquidCS

Following the group stage will be the playoffs, which is a single elimination bracket. The top seeds from both Group A and B will automatically be placed in the Semi-Finals while the Quarter finals will be played between the second and third seeds from opposing groups.
The Group B bracket, as you might remember!

Day 1 - 14:20 CET
@GambitEsports vs. @FNATIC
@ENCE vs. @virtuspro

Day 1 - 15:30 CET
@FaZeClan vs. @BIGCLANgg
@GODSENT vs. @heroicgg

Catch all games tomorrow

The playoffs will start on Sunday while the Semi-Finals will take place on December 11th. The Grand Finals that will determine the IEM Winter Champion will conclude the event on December 12th. Without the previous champion from the last two events, a new winner will be crowned.
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