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Halo Infinite Gets Epic New CGI Trailer

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As anticipation for Halo Infinite's campaign grows amidst its massively popular free-to-play multiplayer, a new CGI trailer snippet is released.

As Halo Infinite's imminent campaign launch nears, players have had a lot of excellent content to enjoy in the meantime. For example, the shadow drop for Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer beta surprised many players and has led to concurrent player counts with exceptional statistics throughout the month.

The game's beta success has confidently assured that Halo Infinite's recent gold status is earned. Not much has been shared from Halo Infinite's campaign, however, some players might simply be pleased with the game's multiplayer alone. Nonetheless, 343 Industries has amplified excitement for Halo Infinite further with a CGI trailer that harkens back to preview trailers of previous Halo games.

Halo Infinite's latest snippet trailer concentrates on Master Chief's battle against the Banished in a brief cinematic. Instead of sharing events or scenarios that are likely apparent in the game itself, this trailer is simply meant to demonstrate the iconic Master Chief's fighting prowess on the battlefield against the enemies that players can expect to go toe-to-toe with in Halo Infinite. Indeed, some fans have already compared this CGI trailer to that of Halo 3, which helped define its own tone and atmosphere.

Master Chief engages in a melee altercation with a couple of "ruthless Banished soldiers," taking one of their anti-personnel fragmentation grenades and sticking it onto them and for a close-ranged double kill. Master Chief is then surprise-attacked by Tovarus, as revealed by the accompanied closed captions for the Banished Jiralhanae's guttural scream. Master Chief then uses Halo Infinite's grapple hook shot to disarm the hammer from Tovarus before a slow-motion strike cuts away from the fight.

Halo's compelling allure is demonstrated in the trailer as the stoic protagonist carves through multiple assailants. Because Halo Infinite has also given fans the impression that it intends to fall back onto traditional franchise roots, it is certainly an exciting time for Halo players who loved the original titles.

While some players have expressed concerns with Halo Infinite's multiplayer Battle Pass and how customization is oriented, it seems as though general excitement for the game's campaign is only growing larger. The CGI trailer itself has stirred nostalgia in die-hard players and it is not a long wait now until Halo Infinite's campaign releases next month and joins the game's already massively popular multiplayer.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The multiplayer beta is available now.
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