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VALORANT introduces Champions 2021 skin bundle

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Ahead of the climatic VCT Champions event, Riot Games is adding an all new, limited edition skin bundle to VALORANT. Riot Games is celebrating the first climatic international event of VALORANT’s esports history, VCT Champions, with a limited time skin bundle. VALORANT YouTuber HITSCAN was the first to show off the new set. This Champions bundle features a Vandal and melee skin, along with other cosmetics added in the full set.

All the weapons included in the set follow the black, gold, and red color scheme of the international event. The Vandal rifle also notably displays the Champions logo on the side. Both weapons are upgradable and feature a glowing red aura upon purchase. This aura only takes effect if you are the top fragger on your team.

The bundle introduces one of the most unique finishers in the game. After eliminating the last enemy, a flashing VCT logo appears over them. Players can trigger a second finisher animation if they walk into the logo, as the sky turns red and a giant Brimstone appears overhead. In reference to the VALORANT Champions music video, this is one of the few finishers take takes up the entirety of the map.

Alongside these two weapon skins, player cards also inspired by the music video for Sage, Phoenix, and Brimestone are also available. This bundle will only be available for purchase during the esports event, running from December 1st to the 11th.

VCT Champions will be climatic end of VALORANT’s first competitive year. The event will feature sixteen teams fighting to be crowned as the first world champion in VALORANT.

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