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Halo Infinite - More weapons are coming to the game

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Developers of Halo Infinite state that new weapons are coming to the game, however fans may have to wait a while before trying them out. 343 Head of Creative Joseph Staten stated in a rapid-fire interview that more weapons are bound for Halo Infinite. According to the interview, player’s armories are not yet fully fleshed out as more weapons and cosmetics have yet to come. The types of weapons set to be implemented in the game later have not been revealed.

Along with other information given, Staten discussed potential future story elements. New Halo stories may not exclusively revolve around the adventures of the Master Chief, as the new generations of Spartans may take center stage soon.

The rumors surrounding the Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode. The genre has massively expanded in past years, as Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, and more have all enjoyed the rising popularity of the genre. Though Staten said he could not state whether or not a battle royale would come to Halo, the option was not entirely off the table.

Staten claimed that Halo Infinite will be updated on a seasonal basis. Though the prospective new weapons are not coming out any time soon, these ‘by season’ updates may be perfect opportunities to gradually increase the volume of guns in the game. Though Halo Infinite may be relatively new on the market, Season 2 is set to release in May 2022. Though no new features have been confirmed yet, we could look forward to our first new weapons drop then.
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