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Aim assist sparks debate in Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer release has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions. Though the legacy FPS has made a generally good impression on player, it has also ignited an age old argument surround aim assist.

Played on PC, players have the choice between either using a controller or keyboard and mouse. In a large majority of games, KBM usually outpaces the controller given the wider range of movements players are able to pull off with their entire hand as compared to a single thumb. Halo Infinite may have over corrected itself, as controllers have proven more accurate with the help of aim assist.

On record, controller players have out-performed KBM players by a large margin. Apparently these issues are shared with the Master Chief Collection, as 343 have an unfortunate trend of overtuning the game for controller players.

Halo was originally designed as an Xbox exclusive and consequently the first iterations of the franchise were played with controllers only. In order to appease this section of the fan base as many have transitioned to the free-to-play PC version, the controller may have received a substantial buff.

No matter the rationale behind the sudden rise of the controller, the Halo Infinite fanbase is up in arms. Many have described this staggering difference as ‘a joke’ and claimed that the aim assist feature in Infinite is ‘busted’ in its current state. Though fans are calling for a upheaval of the current aim assist system in order to create a more fair playing field, 343 has yet to comment on the issue.
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