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Halo Infinite Season 1 Microtransactions Calculated To Be Over $1000

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Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer mode recently released early, but a focus on microtransactions has sadly soiled the experience for fans. An unhappy fan calculates that purchasing every microtransaction present in Halo Infinite's first season would cost players over $1,000 total. The newest entry in the beloved sci-fi shooter series has experienced a rocky development, including a number of different delays and changes in leadership. However, developer 343 Industries recently released Halo Infinite's multiplayer for free, about a month before the full title's release date, to celebrate the franchise's 20-year anniversary.

The sudden release of Halo Infinite's free multiplayer mode was met with great excitement by fans who have praised the game's speed, balance, and faithfulness to the franchise's past. However, some notable criticism has been aimed at the game's Battle Pass system. While the multiplayer itself is free to play gamers may also pay for access to the Battle Pass, a progression system that unlocks unique rewards for achieving specific in-game accomplishments. While this paid mechanic is typical of many modern shooters, developer 343 Industries' particular pass received criticism for allowing players to progress exclusively by completing challenges rather than by simply playing the game. This backlash led to a reevaluation of Halo Infinite's Battle Pass, and players will now be able to gain experience by merely participating in normal matches.

Reddit user samurai1226 has added up all of Halo Infinite's microtransactions, revealing that players would need to spend $1,035 to earn every item in Season 1. A recent leak revealed that the game's first season will include 88 different store bundles, and all of these items must be purchased with real-world currency rather than earned by simply playing the game. These cosmetic bundles range from $5 to $20, and unlocking every single item would require more than $1,000 from Halo fans. This massive price also directly contradicts previous statements made by 343 Industries, according to samurai1226, and many previously-advertised cosmetics have now been turned into microtransactions.

While the free-to-play release of Halo Infinite multiplayer thrilled many fans, the shift in business strategy has clearly changed the way that 343 Industries plans to make a profit. An emphasis on in-game microtransactions, along with the paid Battle Pass, means that players have almost no customization options without spending some amount of money. Understandably, many gamers would happily pay full price for Halo Infinite if it meant that cosmetic items were made more easily available through gameplay. Still, with the developer already adjusting the game's Battle Pass, it is possible that changes could be made to improve the microtransaction situation.

The early release of Halo Infinite multiplayer seems to be quite bittersweet for much of the sci-fi shooter series' dedicated fanbase. The opportunity to play the game early and for free is obviously enticing, and most gamers seem happy with the pacing and balance of the competitive experience. Unfortunately, this free-to-play launch has also resulted in more rampant microtransaction systems which understandably frustrate some players. With Halo Infinite's campaign mode releasing in December, it is possible that the title's multiplayer component will receive some updates as well.
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