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Hitman 3 is getting new maps, new modes, and new storylines

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The game's second year features "a few surprises" that fans have been asking for "for a very, very long time"

Hitman 3 is getting a second year of content which will include new maps, new modes, new storylines, VR support, and ray-tracing on PC.

In a new trailer, developer IO Interactive outlined Hitman 3's second year. Starting in January with VR support on PC (on top of the currently-available PlayStation VR) and an elusive target 'arcade' which will put a spin on the limited-time marks, there'll also be ray-tracing on PC coming in "early 2022."

On top of that, CEO Hakan Abrak said that "new maps, new storylines, new modes, new ways of playing" would all be coming in 2022, as well as "a few surprises that our community has been asking for for a very, very long time."

There's no word on what shape those surprises might take, but hopefully we'll begin to see them around the time of the secretive spring update mentioned on the developer's website. It's also no surprise that development would be continuing on the game, as the studio announced that the 'World of Assassination' trilogy that kicked off with the Hitman reboot in 2016 had reached 50 million players, with Hitman 3 topping the list as the most successful Hitman game ever.
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