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PUBG: New State Launch Trailer

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PUBG: New State arrives on mobile, and to get us all in the mood for some old-school battle royale fun, PUBG Corp just released the new cinematic trailer revealing what a bigger, better PUBG looks like.

Today's cinematic launch trailer certainly has a lot of cinematics that won't likely be possible in the game itself, but there's still plenty of what appears to be actual gameplay revealing some of the new guns, vehicles, and mechanics--like jumping.

Early in the trailer, we see a trailer park with handrails and sheet metals on the roofs for no particular reason other than to offer some cover for raiding players. But we also get to see one player jump from one trailer to the next. A recent trailer on the New State YouTube channel reveals that yes, jumping is a thing you can do now, as well as peek behind walls, dodge roll, parkour over fences, and vault onto ledges.

We also get to see what will presumably be Troi, New State's first map. The city has fallen into anarchy with various factions fighting for power. Towers, homes, and a downtown core are all in ruins, while points of interest in the surrounding suburbs are also in various states of decay. Besides the trailer park, there's a shopping mall, suspension bridge, military base, rail yard, and a nuclear power plant, not to mention plenty of open fields for some good old-fashioned off-roading.

Speaking of vehicles, the trailer reveals some futuristic options like an electric supercar or motorcycle, but also more traditional jeeps, bikes, and 4x4s.

Drones will play a role too, with some able to scout out enemy positions while others can seem to return players to the battlefield.

The last scene of the trailer seems to give us the best view of the map we'll get before PUBG: New State arrives on mobile devices tomorrow. Prepare your thumbs for the return of the battle royale king.
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