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League of Legends Patch 11.22 Buffs And Nerfs Revealed

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League of Legends patch 11.22 changes will target eleven champions, including one of the most popular champions at the moment - Yuumi.

League of Legends Gameplay Designer RiotPhlox has revealed the specific changes players will see in the upcoming patch 11.22. This will most likely be the last regular patch before the long-awaited item changes.

Preseason is usually the time when League of Legends players experience major changes to the game, at least compared to the usual biweekly updates. Last year's Preseason brought the controversial Item Overhaul and it seems as though Riot Games is not finished with its item adjustments.

The list of champions that are getting buffed is as follows:
  • Riven - W damage will go down from up from 55-175 to 65-185, E shield ratio will go up by 20%
  • Kayn (Rhaast) - Q AD ratio will go up from 4% to 6% per 100 AD, R max. HP ratio will go up from 10% to 15%
  • Akali - Passive damage will go up from 29-170 (+40% AP) to 35-182 (+55% AP)
  • Kalista - E damage ratio will go up from 60% to 70%
  • Renekton - recent stun duration nerfs will be reverted
  • Varus - E damage ratio will go up from 60% to 90%

Renekton has traditionally been the safest top lane pick over the past couple of seasons in professional League of Legends. He has seen a significant win rate drop since the nerfs to his Cull the Meek (W) back in patch 11.18. It seems as though Riot's intentions were to nerf Renekton so that he does not get picked during the ongoing League of Legends 2021 World Championship, making the top lane meta much more interesting. Renekton could be one of the champions to use the new First Strike keystone as it perfectly fits his aggressive all-in playstyle.

The following League of Legends champions will receive a nerf in the next patch:
  • Qiyana - Base HP will get lowered from 590 to 520, Q damage will go down from 60-160 (+90% bonus AD) to 50-170 (+80% bonus AD), E damage will will get changed from 50-170 (+70% bonus AD) to 50-210 (+60% bonus AD)
  • Graves - Passive critical damage will go down from +30% to +20% damage
  • Kha'Zix - Q AD ratio will get lowered from 130% to 115%, Isolated damage will get reduced from 273% to 241.5% bonus AD
  • Yuumi - E movement speed ratio will go down from 10% to 6% per 100 AP, Heal will go down from 70-210 (+40% AP) to 70-190 (+35% AP)
  • Maokai - W damage will go down from 70-230 to 60-220

Qiyana and Graves have been highly contested picks in this year's Worlds, so these nerfs don't come as a big surprise. Both of these champions have a very high skill ceiling meaning that mastering them would definitely increase players' chances to climb ranks, especially with changes to League of Legends' ranking system.

The nerf to Kha'Zix's damage potential will definitely impact his ability to one-shot squishy enemy champions which is usually one of his core strengths that made him one of the worst champions to play against. Players who wanted to pick up this assassin in the Jungle should probably wait for a couple of patches as there currently are similar champions that do the same job more efficiently.

League of Legends is available to play for free on PC.
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