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Twitch streaming is returning to the Xbox dashboard

Microsoft is bringing back Twitch streaming integration directly into the Xbox dashboard. Twitch first appeared directly integrated into the Xbox One dashboard in 2014, using the original Snap interface to allow players to stream directly to the service. Now it’s coming back into the Xbox Guide interface, with similar integration and webcam support.

Alpha and Skip-Ahead alpha Xbox testers can access the new integration right now, and it’s simple to use. You can adjust game volume or microphone volume, include party audio from friends, and see a list of viewers and how long you’ve been streaming with an overlay on top of your games.

The Twitch integration also includes the ability to switch resolution and bitrates from 360p at 500kbps up to 1080p at 6500kbps. Microsoft is also supporting USB webcams, and most plug-and-play ones should work as a camera option for Twitch streaming.

Twitch has had Xbox streaming support inside its own app, but integration into the dashboard is a welcome return after Microsoft removed its Snap feature and Twitch integration in 2017. We’re expecting this new Twitch integration to be broadly released in the coming months, once Microsoft has fully tested it with Xbox testers.
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