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League of Legends Disables All Chat Feature

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After a decade of cross-team banter, League of Legends decides to disable the all-chat feature in favor of lowering community toxicity.

League of Legends has become one of the most well known PC games, sporting a competitive multiplayer esports scene and friendly wacky gameplay elements for casual gamers. Alongside League of Legends' mobile release of Wild Rift, players have flocked to the multiplayer game regardless of potential toxicity within the game's players and community. Riot Games has been eagerly looking for solutions to toxicity problems across the game, and may have decided to get rid of one of the game's longest standing functionalities.

League of Legends has been the source of many streaming careers as well as esport related ones, heavily inflating the potential frustration the game can have on players. The game is also well known for its ranked functionality, where players can hone their skills alongside a friend to climb a ladder of ranks according to a player's skill at the game. This "ladder" has become a serious competitive scene as well, sparking the birth of Highschool and College Competitions under PlayVS and other esports related companies.

These high stakes commonly associated with the Ranked mode in League of Legends has led to endless occurences of rude and toxic behavior in the chat during games. As longterm players have experience most likely on multiple occasions, players argue and call eachother derogatory terms both in team and all-chat in order to vent their frustrations, or to simply attempt to make their enemies tilt. Interactions like these can cause even bigtime streamers to ragequit like Ninja, and Riot Games has made a drastic change in an attempt to alleviate this.

For players of the popular Pokemon Unite, a MOBA without a team chat nor all-chat can still function at max efficiency, but League of Legends has integrated these mechanics for so long players may not be excited for the change. The all-chat feature has been used on occasion to orchestrate dance parties in the dragon pit, compliment others for their choice in skins, and sometimes celebrate impressive plays. Riot Games states though that the benefits currently do not outweigh the negatives, and far more rampant is toxicity even amongst pros like Promisq.

League of Legends is consistently trying to solve the many issues currently plaguing the game, by adding many things such as rude behavior detectors, and additional penalties for AFKs and dodging. Unforunately though, player interaction is much harder to control and game's community is worried that a larger majority of verbal harassment occurs in team chats rather than all-chat. Moving forward Riot Games has stated they will monitor this change's actual results across the game.
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